Feb 25, 2013

Quantifying junk food risk

Billions of people around the world can't afford to eat food that is good for their health. Gerardo Otero is trying to establish a way to measure this risk for people in countries around the world.
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What is a locavore and how their work affects local farmers and economies?
Book Review
Apr 22, 2011

Veganize it!

Jessica Rose
Part two of this series features books that make it easier for home cooks to embrace a vegan lifestyle and give readers the confidence to create meatless versions of their favourite recipes.
Book Review
Apr 15, 2011

Chowin' down vegan style

Jessica Rose
Just like any good chef, a vegan chef needs to be equipped with the right tools: fresh plant-based ingredients, a sharp knife, and -- of course -- a few good books.
Book Review
Oct 8, 2009

Fat for thought

Kellee Ngan
In a perfect world, this book wouldn't exist. Not because Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere isn't engaging or informative but because it reaffirms that we are still a society at war with our bodies.
Jul 24, 2009

No place for fish in a sustainable diet

Ocean Wise, Seafood Watch and similar programs offer consumers the opportunity to select more sustainable seafood. Jennifer Jacquet says the choice is essentially meaningless.


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