May 28, 2012

Doctors protest cuts to health care for refugees

On May 11, about 30 doctors marched into the Toronto office of the Federal Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver and occupied the office while another 50 doctors waited outside.
Activist Toolkit

Patient rights training

This workshop is an overview of the rights of patients to demand better care and information
Jun 7, 2011

Dr. Julian Tudor Hart: A socialist life

People's Health Radio
People's Health Radio spoke to Dr. Julian Tudor Hart about his life as a socialist general practitioner, and the values we need to assert for a more just and humane world.
Jan 20, 2010

Fidel on Haiti

Fidel Castro
The news arriving from Haiti paints a picture of the tremendous chaos that was to be expected given the exceptional situation created by the disaster.

Eyes in Gaza with Dr. Mads Gilbert

Jan 19, 2010 to Feb 6, 2010
Multiple, universities across Canada Various
34° 23' 58.794" N, 118° 54' 10.5048" W
Dr. Mads Gilbert, internationally acclaimed doctor, professor, and local politician embarks on a journey to describe his experiences last winter, during "Operation Cast Lead."
Oct 23, 2009

If you're too hot, get a shot

H1N1 looks like it will be mild if widespread. But the clowns -- pardon, experts -- seem to have had a shot of PR that causes them to try to sound clear and decisive even if they're totally at sea.


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