Apr 13, 2011

Role of social media in Egyptian uprising

Redeye speaks with media scholar Adel Iskandar about the part that Facebook and other social media did -- and did not -- play in the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.
Feb 9, 2011

Al Jazeera, social media and Egypt's uprising

Hebba Fahmy and Anita Krajnc
Al Jazeera, Twitter, Facebook and others have more than proven to skeptics in the West their own worth during Egypt's uprising, and provided many ways to get democratic voices heard.
Mar 12, 2010

We can haz democracy

Christopher White
The Prime Minister's new tricked out YouTube site is hosting a pre-approved, moderated Q&A between the PM and Canadian citizens. Are our elected representatives attempting Web 2.0?
Jan 28, 2010
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension

How Facebook helped stop the erosion of democracy

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
Alert! Radio #141 - Interviews with Judy Rebick, Roger Annis and Paul Jackson about the erosion of democracy, restoring Haitian sovereignty and stories from Port-au-Prince.


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