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Aug 24, 2014
Dinah Ceplis & Zack Gross

Twelve Canadians: Zack and Dinah

The Green Planet Monitor
Who exactly coined the phrase "think globally, act locally" is a matter of dispute. Dinah Ceplis and Zack Gross certainly exemplify the philosophy in action. Listen to them chat.
Apr 18, 2013

Coffee sales fund social justice in Guatemala

Cafe Justicia is an organic coffee produced in Guatemala by the Campesino Committee of the Highlands. They use the profits to redistribute land and provides homes for the landless poor.
Feb 27, 2012

jhr reports: Fair-trade flowers

Journalists for Human Rights
jhr international contributor Kristy Hutter files a report from London, U.K., on the movement to certify flowers as fair trade.
Activist Toolkit

Fair trade coffee

This workshop teaches the important impact of fair trade coffee
Oct 26, 2011

Fair trade not empowering producers

Longtime activist Ian Hussey says that the fair-trade bureaucracy has centralized power in the Global North and that producers have little say in their working and living conditions.
Sep 14, 2010
Photo: Kevin Edmonds.

The hidden costs of Canada's banana market

Kevin Edmonds
Abuses against banana growers are rife as western multi-nationals squeeze all the goodness and money out of Canada's love affair with that delectable fruit.
Aug 5, 2010

The Roaming Ear - Episode 9 - 'Fair Trade crafts''

The Roaming Ear
When you're on vacation, the low prices of weavings, jewellery and other crafts is very tempting. A visit to a Guatemalan marketplace to explore What is Fair Trade?
Mar 25, 2010

Café Justicia organizer forced to flee Guatemala

Leocadio Juaracán is the national coordinator of the CCDA, a campesino organization that work for human rights in Guatemala. In February he began receiving death threats.
Oct 23, 2009

Charest's European free trade gamble

Stuart Trew and Claude Vaillancourt
Premier Jean Charest is described as the savior of Canada-European Union free trade talks in this month's l'Actualité magazine. It's an honour that will come back to bite him.


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