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Aug 13, 2011

Modern Monetary Theory: What it means for Canada

Keith Newman
While Modern Monetary Theory deals with the details of monetary and fiscal matters, the implications of its analysis are much broader, especially in current political times.
Jul 27, 2011

The myth of expansionary austerity

Andrew Jackson
As the U.S. and Europe turn from stimulus to fiscal austerity, claims are heard that spending cuts actually stimulate economic growth. However there is rarely any such thing as expansionary austerity.
Jul 22, 2011

Family values and budget cuts

Armine Yalnizyan
Once again, in the middle of summer, the anti-government government has unleashed more anti-policy policy via a compliant Statistics Canada.
Jun 8, 2011

Joined at the hip: Harper budget and tax freedom day

Donald Gutstein
Is it just a coincidence that the Harper budget and the Fraser Institute's tax freedom day fell on the same day? Or have government and think-tank ramped up their level of co-operation?
Jun 7, 2011

The $0.3 billion question

Jim Stanford
Since the forecast 2014-15 deficit was all of $0.3 billion, why do we need a whole strategic review process and $4 billion of blood on the floor in order to eliminate it?
Jun 3, 2011

Budget 2011: Clement's axe not fairer tax

Larry Gordon
The dirty little secret that most government leaders will not admit: the potential for additional public revenue is immense. A fairer tax system could generate billions in new public revenue.


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