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In cahoots
Mar 7, 2012

Job cuts hurt women

On International Women's Day, PSAC is highlighting the ways that cuts to government jobs and public services will harm women and exacerbate their social and economic inequality.

Fair Tax Summit: Building a Better Canada

Mar 29, 2012 to Mar 30, 2012
Lord Elgin Hotel
100 Elgin Street
K1P 5K8 Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 17.8788" N, 75° 41' 35.0736" W
Ontario CA
A conference aimed at building a movement for progressive taxation in order to protect vital public services and build a more equal society.
Jan 10, 2012

Cost of inequitable tax loopholes increases

Toby Sanger
Finance Canada published its annual Tax Expenditure Report for 2011 and it shows that the cost of some of the most inequitable tax preferences and loopholes continues to rise.
Dec 31, 2011

Why not lock in low interest rates?

Andrew Jackson
The federal government has failed to take up an historic opportunity to lock in ultra-low interest rates on long-term Government of Canada bonds.
Oct 20, 2011

Federal R&D Panel releases report

Toby Sanger
In a week when business lobby groups are calling for more tax breaks, the federal R&D Panel released a very good report saying Canada's generous system of R&D tax incentives hasn't been effective.
Oct 1, 2011

Stephen Harper and Economics 101

Andrew Jackson
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who prides himself on being an economist, has characterized his government's fiscal policy as "expansionary."


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