free speech

Jul 15, 2010
Photo: John MacLennan

The other side of the G20 protest

Diane Marina
Diane Marina witnessed police officers using intimidation tactics and excessive force during peaceful rallies the weekend of the G20 summit.

Galloway rally and hearing at the Federal Court

Apr 26, 2010
Federal Court Building
180 Queen Street West
43° 39' 2.0592" N, 79° 23' 16.3212" W
In Toronto, please join us before the hearing begins for a rally to defend free speech, and to let George Galloway speak in Canada.
Apr 13, 2010

#103 - Puttin' it out there

rabble radio
An ethics expert on the importance of hate speech, eco-defenders stand up to corporate greenwashing, talking access to content with Canada's Pirate Party, and truckers with something to say.
Apr 8, 2010

Free speech includes the right to protest

James Clark
The shutting down of American Neocon pundit Ann Coulter in Ottawa led to cries that she wasn't being allowed to speak. Not true. The natural allies of the Harper government don't have this problem.
Mar 29, 2010

Oh, shut up

Sharon Fraser
Ann Coulter's so-called "ideas" should not be ignored, as some people suggest, and they should not be debated, which gives them legitimacy.


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