G20 Policing

Nov 11, 2010

In remembrance of the Charter of Rights and Freedom

Elizabeth Littlejohn
My grandfather fought in World War One for naught. I am taxed to the hilt to have my civil liberties suspended for the spectacle of the G20 Summit, which enabled police brutality and civilian abuse.
Aug 27, 2010

The G20's symbolic violence

This week's mass processing inside (and outside) a Toronto courthouse helped clarify June's Jailapalooza festival during the G20, the largest mass arrest in our history.
Jul 22, 2010
Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld is arrested and taken away to the detention centre. Photo: Activestills

Arresting the G20 press

Jesse Rosenfeld
A month ago, mass arrests during the G20 summit in Toronto were meant to silence protest and dissent. They were also intended to shut down scrutiny by the media. Four of us have now filed a complaint.


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