Sep 13, 2017

Can emissions shrink while the economy grows?

David Suzuki
The Pan-Canadian Framework expresses optimism that we can reduce emissions while expanding the economy. But, as the Nature Climate Change study asserts, "green growth" is likely an oxymoron.
Jun 10, 2014

Yes, pipeline spills are good for the economy

David Suzuki
We must find better ways to run our societies than relying on rampant consumption, planned obsolescence, excessive and often-pointless work and an economic system that depends on damaging ways.
Feb 25, 2014

Measuring progress with GDP is a gross mistake

David Suzuki
We've been using gross domestic product to measure progress and well-being for many years. But it's a measure that says nothing about our economic or social well-being. It's time for a change.
Jun 4, 2013
Photo: Mike Mahaffie/flickr

Ten ways to lead a better life without growth - part 2

Simon Tremblay-Pepin
Bertrand Schepper
In our previous blog post, we took a look at five proposals from a feature entitled "A better life without growth" in the French magazine Alternatives économiques.
Oct 9, 2012

An energy plan must be about more than just energy

David Suzuki
With federal and provincial governments cutting back on environmental protection, often in the name of economic priorities, it's time we found new ways of measuring progress.
Oct 2, 2012

Tackling climate change offers economic benefits

David Suzuki
Government and industry leaders often blame the economy for lack of action on environmental issues, including climate change. A new report challenges that notion.
Dec 1, 2011

Canada's petro-recovery

The third-quarter GDP numbers are pretty upbeat on the surface but affirm that Canada's entire economic trajectory is being increasingly dominated by fossil fuel exports.


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