Jan 26, 2010

The World Social Forum: Canadian contexts and questions

Janet Conway
Ten years ago this month the World Social Forum erupted onto the global scene. But in 2010, with the ebbing of the anti-globalization movement, many wonder whether the WSF has come to an end.
Nov 24, 2009

Rich countries buying up farmland in poor countries

Civil society groups are sounding the alarm about the purchase of vast tracts of farmland in the Global South, saying the sales threaten food security and land reform in the world's poorest nations.
Nov 12, 2009

Stephen Harper's national security state

Murray Dobbin
The Harper government is determined to take the country in the direction of a security state as evidenced by numerous moves in the past few months and over the past year.

Stand up and take action to end poverty now!

Oct 16, 2009
Parliament Hill Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 24.5784" N, 75° 41' 52.5588" W
Ontario CA
Musicians, poets, politicians and Ottawa area residents will assemble on Parliament Hill to participate, with millions of others in a global call to action against poverty.
Aug 13, 2009

Predicting the shape of economic recovery

I seek out Canadian economist Jeff Rubin to get beyond the ABCs now that "U," "V" and the dreaded double-dipping "W" are no longer letters but the shapes of predicted economic recovery.
Book Review
Jun 4, 2009

Vancouver's bad trip

Bart Campbell
Bruce Alexander writes about the globalization of addiction, but uses Vancouver as a prototype and case study to explore solutions for civic dislocation and addiction.


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