Feb 14, 2012
Gord Longhi, Tim Gilbert, Katie Weber, and Andy Thomson waiting to meet with the Chief and Council.

Day 6: Community meetings in Attawapiskat

Laurie Miller
Nearly a week after we set off from Toronto, we've arrived in Attawapiskat, and begin community meetings in preparation for assembling the yurt.
Feb 7, 2012

Alert! Radio #201: An Alert Special: What's Harper up to?

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
With the federal budget to be tabled within weeks, this edition of Alert! Radio features analysis of the Harper agenda in three different policy areas: health care, pensions, and energy (tar sands).
Feb 3, 2012

The #EnemyGate scandal

Andrew Frank
Canadians deserve to know the truth about what was said between the Prime Minister’s Office and Tides Canada CEO Ross McMillan.
Jan 21, 2012

Giant squirrel + ground beef = sick!

This giant squirrel is a real $%#&. This time, meat inspection is being ransacked. Canadians rely on people like meat inspectors to ensure the food we buy is safe to eat.


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