Sep 26, 2011

YIMBY kit launched to fight NIMBYism

Pivot Legal Society
The YIMBY kit was launched in Vancouver over the weekend. We talk with Pivot's Darcie Bennett and Johanna Suttor-Doerksen from the Salsbury Community Society.
Jul 29, 2011

A home for everyone: Homelessness in Vancouver

Pivot Legal Society
Vancouver City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth talks to Pivot's Laura Drake about how to tackle homelessness in Vancouver. Also: Lawyer Scott Bernstein talks to city council about homelessness.
Jun 8, 2011

Social determinants of health

Peter Prontzos
It is now clear that economic, and social variables -- more than individual behaviour -- are the most salient factors in determining people's well-being.
Book Review
Jun 2, 2011
Good Places To Live

The hunt for better housing

David Henry
Jim Silver's latest, Good Places to Live, presents an unequivocal argument against the trend towards demolition of public housing projects and sale of these properties to private-sector developers.
May 27, 2011

Vancouver homelessness numbers spun out of control

Sean Antrim and Tristan Markle
According to Metro Vancouver's Homelessness Count, the number of homeless folks in Vancouver increased over the last three years. But you wouldn't realize it from all the political spin.
May 11, 2011

Vancouver homeless shelters close

Pivot Legal Society
Sean Spear from Raincity Housing talks about the need for permanent year-round shelters as a first point of contact for hard to house people.
Mar 21, 2011

Tent city challenges Olympic Village housing

Redeye speaks with one of the activists involved in setting up a tent city in the former Athletes Village on the anniversary of the tent city set up during the 2010 Olympics.
Mar 15, 2011

Vancouver's Chinatown threatened with development

Vancouver City Council will vote March 17 on whether to allow increases in height and density. Locals fear that highrise towers in Chinatown will destroy the historic character of the neighbourhood.
Jan 21, 2011

Housing on the knife's edge

David Macdonald
Six major Canadian cities are now in a housing price bubble. To avoid disaster, the federal government needs to move back to the 2006 standard of a maximum 25-year amortization with more money down.


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