Nov 6, 2011

B.C.'s regressive tax shift

A recent report shows that the wealthy pay a lower overall provincial tax rate than the average citizen in B.C.
Sep 12, 2011

The real impact of HST's defeat on provincial finances

Iglika Ivanova
The Finance Minister's recent update focused on highlighting the cost of the move back to PST/GST, providing some large numbers for the media headlines, instead of looking at the big picture.
Aug 29, 2011

British Columbia's HST fiasco

David Schreck
After more than a decade of rule, the B.C. Liberals seem to have lost the ability to be clear and transparent with the public.
Aug 27, 2011

So the B.C. HST was defeated. Now what?

Iglika Ivanova
Now that the HST debate is over, it would be great to see some of the energy and focus dedicated to debating the HST be redirected to designing solutions to the real challenges facing B.C.
Jul 8, 2011

Burned by B.C.'s toxic HST debate

I've never endorsed the HST. That claim, made by business-funded HST advocates in B.C. trying to drive a wedge between unions in B.C. and in Ontario, is blatantly false.
Jun 28, 2011

B.C.'s regressive tax shift

Marc Lee
With much of the talk on taxes in B.C. about the HST, we issued a new report today that looks at the bigger context for B.C.'s tax system.
Jun 20, 2011

To HST or not to HST

Marvin Shaffer
The campaign to save the HST is rather shameless, not to mention bad public policy.
May 26, 2011

B.C. to raise corporate taxes

Erin Weir
Amazingly, B.C.'s government has joined its official opposition in proposing to restore the provincial corporate income tax rate from 10% to 12%.
Nov 3, 2010
B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell on the radio during the 2009 B.C. election campaign. Photo: Stephen Dyrgas/Flickr

Goodbye Campbell

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