iraq war

Mar 19, 2013

Introducing an online platform for news from Iraq

Ahmed Habib
An entire country has been destroyed, leaving millions of lives shattered to bits and pieces, and the future of millions more has been held hostage by a failed state and a crumbling infrastructure.
Book Review
Mar 15, 2013

Review: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens

Jordy Cummings
Richard Seymour's 'Unhitched,' a slim and scathing denunciation of turncoat scoundrel Christopher Hitchens, is a thoroughly satisfying and politically important book.
Mar 1, 2013

Bradley Manning: A true profile in courage

Marjorie Cohn
"I believed if the public, particularly the American public, could see this it could spark a debate on the military and our foreign policy in general as it applied to Iraq and Afghanistan."


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