Israel-Palestine Conflict

Apr 12, 2010
A boy who fell down and was knocked unconscious while playing with friends lies injured in the ICU unit at Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital. Because of the siege, even routine injuries have been difficult to treat. Photo: Matthew Cassel/

The injured continue to suffer in Gaza

Stefan Christoff
Because of the 1,000-day siege implemented by Israel, thousands across Gaza live with severe injuries which cannot be treated properly.
Apr 9, 2010
Suzanne Weiss speaking at a demonstration of 15,000 against Israel's assault of Gaza, 2008-2009.  Photo: Courtesy of Suzanne Weiss.

Holocaust survivor: Why I support Palestinian rights

Suzanne Weiss
Holocaust Awareness Week is an appropriate time to review our proud history as Jewish universalists, welcoming and encompassing humanity -- including and especially the Palestinians.


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