Jan 21, 2014
Graphic: Wade Thompson

Getting exposure or getting exploited?

H.G. Watson
In this award-winning article from March of 2013, Cord Community Edition Editor-in-Chief H.G. Watson explores the controversial topic of unpaid internships.
Jan 13, 2014
Photo: John Bonnar

Pay workers a higher minimum wage

Gerald Caplan
The sheer Scrooge-nish of our minimum wage laws underlines the unprecedented riches of the business elite. Why is a $14 minimum wage such a political non-starter?

Fight for Fair Wages: Public Forum

Jan 24, 2014 to Jan 25, 2014
William Doo Auditorium, U of T
45 Willcocks Street (2 blocks south of Harbord Street - 5 minute walk south of Spadina Station)
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Panel discussion


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