Oct 21, 2014

Safia Elhillo: Finding 'home' around the world

The transnational spoken word artist discusses migration, Egypt and the Arab Spring, language borrowing, the myth of the tortured artist and the Wu-Tang Clan.
Sep 9, 2014

A paean to polyglots

Becoming fluent in another language is a huge and challenging accomplishment. I salute the world's polyglots. Really, how do you do it?! You have my profound admiration and respect.
Jan 30, 2013

Exploring gender and language

The F Word
Charlene Sayo and Caprice Pybus discuss gender, language and the changing role of women in contemporary society.
Activist Toolkit

Ojibwe translator

The Ojibwe language is the fourth most spoken Native language in North America
Apr 4, 2011

Reckless coalition: Of language and politics

Dionne Brand
What politicians do is ventriloquise a set of sounds meant to gesture to some issue or event but if we really listen, these words are completely incomprehensible and have no relation to their meaning.
Jul 21, 2010

Language justice in action

Organizers at the recent U.S. Social Forum used low-power radio technology to ensure that everyone could engage in discussion together, regardless of their mother tongue.
Dec 14, 2009

The scientific language of climate change

Eric Mang
Words can enlighten, educate and inform. But they can also confuse, confound and misinform. When speaking about climate change, let's not forget about the power of scientific words.
Aug 11, 2009

Out with the 'New'

How about calling ourselves the "Democratic Party" instead of the New Democratic Party? That is one of the questions the NDP will address at its upcoming Halifax convention.
Jun 23, 2009

Quebec celebrates

Quebec celebrates its national holiday on June 24, and the French language is the hero of the party. The origins of La Saint-Jean as a national event go back 175 years.
May 14, 2009

The high art of literary resistance

Rahat Kurd
Get into the spirit of the Palestine Festival of Literature with samples of the finest in Palestinian fiction, poetry, cookery and crafts.
Apr 28, 2009

Down with racist names

Savage. Squaw. Indian. Would we all agree that these are immensely derogatory names that should not be, in this day and age, still used to geographically locate places?


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