Apr 24, 2013

Canadian politics in the death zone

Christopher Majka
Unless and until Canadians demand a more of their politicians we will continue to be mired in insanity, doing the same thing over and over while despondently awaiting a different outcome.
Mar 4, 2013
Joyce Murray at the 4th Liberal leadership debate

Joyce Murray: In her own words

Christopher Majka
Joyce Murray has taken flak for proposals on political co-operation and electoral reform. "Fantasy" said Marc Garneau while Trudeau claimed proportional representation would increase partisanship.
Nov 27, 2012

Postcards from the 2012 by-elections

Christopher Majka
If these by-elections pre-sage anything it is that if progressives don't find strategies for surmounting vote fragmentation the Harper Conservatives may ride up the middle to majority victory in 2015.
Sep 16, 2012 weekly blog roundup!

Theresa Ketterling
Fees, asbestos, and remembering. And is it actually profitable to cut corporate tax rates? The Progressive Economics Forum explores.
Jul 22, 2011

The 'liberal media' exposed

Dwayne Winseck
This is not a free press. This is bad for democracy. The fact that a shackled press now stands to an extraordinary degree singing their praises from the same hymn sheet should give us pause.
May 2, 2011

Elections Canada warns of false poll location information

rabble staff
Voters are receiving automated calls at home that tell them to go to polling stations that have nothing to do with their ridings. The scale of the scheme is national. Innocent mistake? Incompetence?
Apr 23, 2011

The rise and fall of the Liberal Party in Quebec

Pierre Beaudet
After the departure of Chretien, a sort of “civil war” erupted in the Liberal Party against the establishment led by Chretien and the inheritors of Trudeau, heavily supported by an opaque network.
Feb 11, 2011

Guilting parents out of child care

Trish Hennessy
Last week's furor over child care inspired me to look at the left/right divide between how we frame child care in Canada.


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