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Mar 5, 2009

Avi Lewis: Canada needs Al Jazeera

rabble staff
Al Jazeera broadcaster Avi Lewis talks about how the Middle Eastern network's English channel could change the face of journalism in the Western world, if only it gets CRTC approval.
Feb 23, 2009

Robert Fisk on Gaza and the media

Stefan Christoff
British journalist Robert Fisk has offered fiercely independent accounts of conflicts throughout the Middle East for decades. He shares his thoughts about the media response to the war on Gaza.
Feb 23, 2009

Real must see TV: The case for Al Jazeera in Canada

Judy Rebick
Al Jazeera on the Web was invaluable during the recent Israeli assault on Gaza. They were the only English language network with reporters in Gaza and it was the only TV news I could stand to watch.
Feb 17, 2009

Windermere student journalists contribute to rabble

rabble staff
Recently, four Windermere secondary school students in Vancouver -- Chitha Manoranjan, Rachelle Wong, Neelam Khare and Peggy Lam -- participated in a 'job shadow' program with
Feb 5, 2009

FAIR challenges CBC Ombud's report

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
The U.S. media watch group FAIR is challenging the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for making false and biased claims after a campaign by groups that advocate for uncritical coverage of Israel.


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