media democracy

May 20, 2011

Big media can't be trusted

rabble staff
Canada's big media can be found toying around with the climate crisis, beating war drums, disparaging labour, supporting corporate tax cuts and more. Support media that is on your side.
Apr 12, 2011

Sun News clouds roll in

Donald Gutstein
Following the people, money, power, and connection trail of Canada's new right-wing television channel dedicated to selling their ideology to the public.

Speak Up! Speak Out! Public Dialogue and the Politics of Dissent

Mar 19, 2011 to Mar 20, 2011
Faculty of Social Work
120 Duke St. West,
Kitchener , ON
43° 27' 8.5788" N, 80° 29' 33.8712" W
Ontario CA
On Saturday March 19th 2011, there is a free, full-day conference about the criminalization of dissent around G20 activism – and creative ways to heal and move forward.
Mar 9, 2011

Why we need public media

When we are discussing war, we need a media not brought to us by weapons manufacturers. When discussing health-care reform, we need a media not sponsored by insurance companies or Big Pharma.


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