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Book Review
Mar 11, 2011

Breaking the feminist mould

Jessica Rose
Each of the contributors in Feminism FOR REAL share their own -- often unsettling -- truths, revealing the ways in which they have felt alienated and oppressed within mainstream feminism and academia.
Book Review
Feb 25, 2011
The Enigma of Capital

Has capitalism reached its limits?

Al Engler
In The Enigma of Capital, David Harvey makes the case that the capitalist drive to accumulate wealth and maximize profits leads to recurring financial crises.
Book Review
Feb 17, 2011
Learning from the Ground Up

Education in action

Stefan Christoff
Collecting voices from social movements internationally Learning from the Ground Up works to challenge traditional understandings of knowledge production.
Book Review
Feb 14, 2011
Other Tongues

Mixed race women speak out

May Lui
Contributors to Other Tongues explore and celebrate what racial identity means to them.
Book Review
Feb 3, 2011

Ciudad Juarez: 'Murder City'

Patrick Mackenzie
In Murder City journalist Charles Bowden states in an unnerving prose that the Dark Age is now here.
Book Review
Jan 27, 2011

Anti-semitism and free speech

Suzanne Weiss
Michael Keefer has compiled a timely and effective handbook for all those resisting attacks on free speech regarding the Israeli government's crimes against Palestine.
Book Review
Jan 20, 2011

Complicating the Arctic

Noreen Mae Ritsema
In an interview with, Shelagh D. Grant discusses her book Polar Imperative, a book that challenges images of a pristine, snow-covered landscape and exposes the Arctic's long dormant issues.
Book Review
Jan 13, 2011

Understanding Stephen Harper

Am Johal
Two books on Stephen Harper provide a small window into the rise of the Conservative Party from the ashes of the Reform and Progressive Conservative parties: Harper's Team and Harperland.
Book Review
Jan 6, 2011
Power - Donald Savoie

The world's most powerful

Yves Engler
In his book, Power, Donald Savoie looks at the influence of media, polling firms and courts but argues powerful individuals matter more than institutional structures.


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