Ontario Politics

Jul 8, 2009

On the Toronto civic workers strike

James Laxer
It's odd how the strike by 24,000 Toronto civic workers has turned the attitudes of the upper middle classes, business executives, small business lobbyists and conservative politicians upside down.
May 8, 2009

Labour comes together

Michelle Langlois
Over 1600 union activists gathered in Toronto May 7 to discuss strategies for confronting the economic crisis. (Photo: Michelle Langlois)
Apr 6, 2009

Is Barack Obama the Bob Rae of the United States?

James Laxer
<p>It may seem a preposterous proposition but the political perils in the path of Barack Obama are remarkably similar to the hazards that Bob Rae confronted during his years as premier of Ontario.</p>
Mar 27, 2009

An unhealthy budget in Ontario

Matthew Adams
McGuinty's policies and budget hurts public hospitals. Dalton, listen to the sage advice of Joni Mitchell!


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