peak oil

Mar 17, 2011

What Japan's nuclear crisis means for all of us

Tyler Bryant and Ian Hanington
As the Japan catastrophe shows, nuclear is far from a benign source of energy. The need to properly assess the impacts of our energy options and seek a sustainable future is more important than ever.
Jan 26, 2011

Ethical oil and the right-wing echo chamber

Donald Gutstein
Establishing 'ethical oil' as a component of government rhetoric illustrates the growing success of a Canadian right wing aping U.S. Republican tactics.
Jan 3, 2011

Harper’s pipeline nightmare

Environmental issues still take a back seat to economic ones, but it is on the environmental front that gains are made. After Fish Lake, the PM may feel the heat because of his support for Enbridge.
Nov 8, 2010

Fuelling the oil addiction

Hannah McKinnon
The case against tax breaks (and other subsidies) for the fossil fuel industry in Canada.


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