Jan 9, 2014

#2014: Fetishist Disavowel

Amy Saunders
'What would Beyonce think? What would Zizek do? What should we do, if anything?'
Apr 24, 2013

Soviet-IMF chic

Nassim Nicholas Taleb's work in "The Black Swan" is at its most brilliant when he points out the dangers that centralized forms of decision-making produce.
Apr 17, 2013

The Black Swan: Part 1

In his provocative book The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb points out that human beings, and especially economists, regularly misinterpret reality.
Dec 24, 2011
emails on the road

# 187 ~ Emails on purpose

Living On Purpose
From the fullness of heart, Lynn Thompson shares musings about managing emails, and the wonder of the Internet.
May 28, 2009

Contemporary art as a victim of war

Nima Maleki
War trauma is an often unnoticed factor in art, and how contemporary art can inspire political emancipation. From Paul Virilio to Alain Badiou.
Mar 1, 2009

Episode #155 ~ Bruce Elkin - Life Design Coach

Living On Purpose
Personal life coach, personal success coach for individuals and couples, and life design consultant and trainer, Bruce Elkin is also a writer, speaker, workshop leader.
Jan 17, 2009

Episode #150 - Tea Leaf Reader

Living On Purpose
Tanya Lester is a Tea Leaf Reader based on Salt Spring Island. Guest on 'live' Living on Purpose with call-ins, January 13, 2009.


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