Jul 28, 2010

Police ethics update: Mocking the Charter

Dave Coles
On Tuesday CEP President, Dave Coles, went before the Police Ethics Committee to get involved in his own complaint against the police for their actions during the G20 summit.
Jul 12, 2010

Peter's G20 story: 'My Canada was a free country'

Peter Marmorek
In this account of the G20 protests, Peter Marmorek notes: "As we marched past closed and boarded stores on Queen Street, the city felt less and less like the friendly place I've lived for 40 years."
Jun 30, 2010
Photo: Ariel Estulin

Is this what a police state looks like?

Murray Dobbin
The corporate security state is not static -- it will keep filling more and more space to the extent that they are allowed to by civil society.


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