Apr 3, 2012

Who wins if the Alberta Legislature's fit to be tied?

David J. Climenhaga
Nobody is likely to want to talk about the possibility of some kind of voting coalition emerging in the Alberta election -- then they'd have to say No to an idea they might need to say Yes to later!
Apr 4, 2011

Nation is rallying to the NDP

Brian Topp
Jack Layton's campaign is on fire. His issues -- economic security and a break for middle class families; better public health care; protecting the environment -- are exactly what the people want.
Feb 19, 2010

The pollster who couldn't shoot straight

Murray Dobbin
In January, pollster Nik Nano came out saying the whole issue of shutting down Parliament was a big yawn that no one cared about. Really?
Sep 15, 2009

Even more opposition to the war

Dave Markland
More opinion polls internationally show that NATO's Afghanistan operation is a deeply unpopular war, including in the United States.
Sep 3, 2009

Now EVERYONE opposes this war

Dave Markland
Polling finds that Americans now oppose the war in Afghanistan. The U.S. thus joins the population of Afghanistan and most troop contributing nations.


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