Prime Minister

Dec 23, 2010

A Journey: My Political Life

Activist and author Derrick O'Keefe made his way through this 700-page political reflection by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and shares his thoughts on what he found there.
Dec 28, 2009

Canada's lost decade

James Laxer
Canadians headed confidently into the new millennium, but they are limping out of its first decade uncertain about the future and what their country stands for.

Harper Girl Does Canada - Part of Kitchener's Un-Hinged Festival

Sep 24, 2009 to Sep 26, 2009
Herschner's Yarn, Crafts, & Scrapbooking
1486 Victoria St. North #5
Kitchener-Waterloo , ON
43° 28' 18.9372" N, 80° 26' 26.9988" W
Ontario CA
Harper Girl aka the self-appointed President of the Stephen Harper Fan Club Does "Love Crafts" as part of the UN-Hinged Festival!
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