Mar 1, 2010

In defence of the diversity of tactics

Alex Hundert
In a response to Judy Rebick, AW@L activist says 21st-century protest is moving 'beyond the empty rhetoric of revolutionary acts' and was very much on legitimate display during the 2010 Winter Games.
Feb 28, 2010

A Diversity of Tactics: Part Two

Needs No Introduction
The second half of a discussion held Feb. 20 in Vancouver to examine the criticisms and benefits of a diversity of protest tactics.
Feb 27, 2010

A Diversity of Tactics: A Diversity of Opinions

Needs No Introduction
On Feb. 20 in Vancouver, Derrick O'Keefe and Harsha Walia presented opposing perspectives as part of a discussion on the diversity of protest tactics.
Feb 14, 2010

Vancouver riot police charge 13 and detain four

Meagan Perry
Olympic resistance network legal observers report that 13 people were arrested at Saturday's protests. Of those, only 4 are still in custody on Sunday morning.
Feb 13, 2010

Thousands march to 'welcome' the Olympics

rabble staff
Thousands of anti-Olympic protesters marched in the hours leading up to the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics today.
Feb 12, 2010

Torch relay disrupted

rabble staff
Hundreds of protesters follow the torch through East Vancouver.
Feb 3, 2010

Fighting for Iran

Nader Hashemi
Are we witnessing the final days of the Islamic Republic of Iran? Judging from mainstream press coverage, it certainly seems so.
Jan 26, 2010

Convergence activism and the 2010 Olympics

The global protests that came to be known as convergences were born in Seattle in 1999. Freelance journalist Jane Kirby reflects on the successes and challenges of this kind of organizing.


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