Oct 23, 2013

Everything you need to know about Elsipogtog

Chelsea Vowel provides some excellent resources on the RCMP's raid on a peaceful blockade by members of the Elsipogtog Mi'kmaq First Nation (ignoring the many colonialist voices in the media).
Oct 3, 2013
Image: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: Pete Kraynak, Naila Jinnah

Hearing from dissenters on rabble radio

rabble staff
Historian Howard Zinn once said that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. In this episode of rabble radio, we will hear from a number of dissenters.
Sep 13, 2013

Woman told she needed a permit to hold a sign

Gianne Broughton was holding a sign on a sidewalk near the Prime Minister’s office in Ottawa. The sign read: Please don’t attack Syria. Enough people have died. But she didn’t get to hold it for long.
Sep 4, 2013

Slavoj Žižek on global protest

The call for genuine democratization is what unifies and inspires social movements participating at the World Social Forum, Tahrir Square, Zucotti Park and Taksim Square.


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