Jan 10, 2012
Photo Art: John Bonnar

Returning to St. James Park

John Bonnar
It almost seems as if they were never here in the first place. People shuffle through St. James Park as if Occupy Toronto never existed.
Dec 2, 2011
Photo: Postbear/Flickr

Not Rex: Toronto Emergency Public Warning

Humberto DaSilva
Attack on labour: This is a message from the Emergency Public Warning System. This is not a test. Open class war will break out in Toronto in early 2012.
Nov 25, 2011

Delivering the goods: Toronto's clogged streets

Wayne Scott and Albert Koehl
If Toronto is to hand over precious public road space for deliveries doesn't it make more sense to adopt an approach that serves the whole community instead of one private interest group?
Nov 16, 2011
luv song for rob ford. Photo: alienbeatpoet/Flickr

luv song for rob ford: A poem

M. NourbeSe Philip
The mayor tries to leave a mark on Toronto that feels like it came from a heavy boot. Poet M. NourbeSe Philip reflects on this.


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