Nov 6, 2013
Photo: flickr/Jason Verwey

On lying; Or, why Rob Ford should keep his job

Michael Stewart
All politicians lie. It's not simply a truism, it's our day-to-day reality. So why should we be surprised or invested at all when Rob Ford, of all people, is caught in a lie?
Oct 28, 2013

CineCuba: Three festivals in one coming to Toronto

Film Festivals in Toronto
CineCuba is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging exposition of Cuban films in Toronto. We speak with Production Manager Diana Cadvid about the festival and the films.
Aug 31, 2013
Karlee Sapoznik on slavery

Karlee Sapoznik on slavery and social change

In this episode Karlee gets passionate about social change, making a difference and how slavery is something we should not turn a blind eye towards.


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