Nov 24, 2014

Anti-rape messaging offends Whistler bros

Meghan Murphy
The Howe Sounds Women's Centre has had to come up with a new campaign after Whister bar owners claimed Don't Be That Guy posters "made some people feel uncomfortable."
Apr 18, 2012

Whistler to get the university it deserves

Michael Stewart
The for-profit Whistler U would accept 1,500 students and include a private high school on the premises. Is this really what's best for the village and its residents?
Feb 13, 2011

Will Olympics return to Whistler in 2014?

Pina Belperio
As Whistler, B.C. prepares to celebrate its one-year Olympic anniversary this weekend, what are the chances that the Olympics come back in 2014?
Feb 7, 2011

Whistler local reflects on sled dog killings

Pina Belperio
Whistler is used to being in the limelight for skiing and lifestyles of the rich and famous, so allegations of a dog massacre are a hard pill to swallow.
Mar 10, 2010

Paralympics: An enjoyable alternative to the Olympics

Pina Belperio
While our Olympic hangover slowly subsides, the stage is being set for the 2010 Paralympics -- a more relaxed and less intrusive event than its over-bearing cousin, the Olympics.
Feb 12, 2010
Whistler's RCMP Pigloo

Whistler invaded by black Pigloos

Pina Belperio
Over the past few weeks, mysterious black tents have been spotted at major intersections in Whistler, affectionately nicknamed Pigloos.
Jan 20, 2010

Whistler residents brace for the Olympics

There's a military camp to the south and a private security camp to the north; drivers are facing multiple checkpoints in and out of town; and police are setting up protest zones.
Dec 18, 2009

A tale of three Olympic towns

Pina Belperio
With the Olympics coming, Whistler mayor and council have decided to cancel meetings from Dec. 15, 2009 to Mar. 23, 2010.
Dec 13, 2009
Where will Whistler's homeless population go during the Games?

2010 Olympics' volunteer positions in jeopardy?

Pina Belperio
Vanoc is looking for housing for 700 Whistler-area Olympic Games volunteers. With less than 63 days before the Owe-lympics, that's a whole lotta beds to fill.


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