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Feb 2, 2016
Image: Ano Lobb/flickr

Changes to Nova Scotia pharmacare program don't add up

Stephen Kimber
On Jan. 15, Nova Scotia's Health and Wellness department -- Leo Glavine, proprietor -- issued a gauzy, feel-fine press release headlined, "Lower Seniors' Pharmacare Co-pays Begin April 1."
Apr 17, 2015
Photo: tpmartins/flickr

This week in labour: Dissent springs eternal

Ella Bedard
Across Canada, spring has sprung and with it, a deluge of actions. This week in labour we saw the largest protests of low-wage workers in U.S. history, unions mobilizing for the election, and more!
Mar 25, 2013

NS Alternative Budget: Back to balance in Nova Scotia

Angella MacEwen
The Nova Scotia provincial government is set to introduce its promised balanced budget this year. The Nova Scotia Alternative Budget proposes some concrete choices rooted in Nova Scotia communities.
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