ocean acidification

Jun 3, 2014

World Oceans Day: The ins and outs of oceans

David Suzuki
We're getting better at managing what we catch, to keep it within the ocean's capacity to replenish. But while we may be advancing in this battle, we're losing with climate change and pollution.
Feb 28, 2014

Greenhouse gases endanger the B.C. coast's economy

Karl Nerenberg
Rising acidity in the ocean has killed over ten million scallops off the coast of Vancouver Island. When asked about this issue, Conservatives could only muster a "we are studying the problem."
Aug 20, 2013

Is geoengineering a silver bullet for climate change?

David Suzuki
As the IPCC releases its fifth global assessment reports on climate change starting in September, we’ll hear more about geoengineering. But is it the best approach to global warming?
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