Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 15
Will Amazon's HQ2 spark a magical, high-tech age, or will it kill small businesses, drive up rents and leave the cadaver of a working-class neighbourhood in its wake?
Lois Ross November 14
These are serious and troubling times in Nicaragua. Protests since April have left hundreds dead and many more incarcerated or missing. Where will the turmoil end and how?
Duncan Cameron November 13
Duncan Cameron
On Saturday, November 10, over 50,000 people braved cold and snow to walk the streets of Montreal in support of "taking the planet to parliament."
Rick Salutin November 9
Rick Salutin
Electoral politics is still basically about aggregating people, not dividing them -- which the Democratic establishment does in a freakily similar way to what they accuse Trump of.
Monia Mazigh November 9
Monia Mazigh
It's been 16 years since Mohamed Harkat was arrested on a secret hearing security certificate. Today he is still threatened with deportation to his native Algeria.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 8
Amid white nationalism linked to the presidency of Donald Trump, the 2018 midterm elections are ushering in a slate of elected officials representing the country's diversity more than ever before.
Lois Ross November 8
Decades after Nicaragua's revolution, the country's revolutionaries and their supporters find themselves divided -- between those who support Daniel Ortega's government and those who oppose it.
Duncan Cameron November 6
Duncan Cameron
French President Emmanuel Macron sees dangers 100 years after the "never again" promise of 1918 failed to produce peace. In November, France will host a 100th anniversary event: the Paris Peace Forum.
Rick Salutin November 2
Rick Salutin
I think it's largely arbitrary whether you choose to be amazed that people don't learn solidarity from viole catastrophes or that they do.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 1
Who will come out to vote -- and, critically, who will be denied the right to vote -- in the next U.S. midterm elections?
Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update November 1
It's time the federal government holds political parties accountable for their use and misuse of Canadians' data.
Duncan Cameron October 30
Duncan Cameron
The pattern of Canadian subservience to American foreign policy has continued with little variation for 30 years. The Trudeau government shows little inclination to change matters.
Rick Salutin October 28
Rick Salutin
CBC also claims it's our bulwark against U.S. culture. But c'mon -- the greatest threat to Canada's self-sense isn't U.S. cop shows, it's treating daily reality there as if it's our own.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan October 25
As Trump campaigns around the country, he gins up fears of foreign enemies attacking the U.S. But he has shown that the greatest threat to U.S. national security is Trump himself.
Linda McQuaig October 25
Doug Ford is scrapping labour legislation, updated last year after a two-year review with extensive public consultations, and replacing it with a bill hastily assembled behind closed doors.
Claudia Pedrero, Pro Bono October 25
Cannabis legalization comes with many questions around the extent to which governments and property owners can restrict consumption. Does it mean that people have a right to smoke and grow cannabis?
June Chua October 24
Investigative reporter and filmmaker Robert Osborne's documentary examines the circumstances surrounding the shocking death of Canadian film director Rob Stewart in January 2017.
Matthew Behrens October 24
In 2019, the entirely preventable methylmercury poisoning of the traditional country food web of Indigenous people downstream of the Muskrat Falls megadam in Labrador is set to begin.
Ole Hendrickson October 23
Ole Hendrickson
Canada is developing plans for the next generation of nuclear reactors, touted as a form of "clean growth." But there's little evidence that this technology will address climate change.
Duncan Cameron October 23
Duncan Cameron
After three years of weak performance in government, Team Trudeau can be thankful the opposition parties are even weaker.
Rick Salutin October 20
Rick Salutin
The legalization of cannabis this week, and many Canadians' relieved reactions, underlined how rarely governments do something that genuinely alters people's daily lives.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan October 18
Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero spoke out against the U.S.-backed military violence that ravaged Central America in the 1980s. His assassination helped galvanize a global solidarity movement.
Lois Ross October 18
To better understand present-day events in Nicaragua, we need to revisit the 1979 Sandinista Revolution and the agrarian reform which was to have lifted the poorest citizens out of poverty.
Brent Patterson October 17
Climate activists in the U.S. and Canada are manually closing the emergency shut-off valves on oil pipelines in acts of non-violent civil disobedience.
Duncan Cameron October 16
Duncan Cameron
The Supreme Court decision creates uncertainty about just what avenues are open to First Nations to secure their treaty rights, if they are denied judicial review of the legislative process.
Rick Salutin October 13
Rick Salutin
Howard Zinn said that it's always one step forward, two back. But today's regressive feels so depressive partly due to the proud ignorance that accompanies it.
Monia Mazigh October 12
Monia Mazigh
CAQ leader François Legault and his team ran much of their election campaign on the backs of immigrants, using polarizing language to pit "good immigrants" against "bad immigrants."
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan October 11
U.S. President Trump says the government is doing all it can for the victims of Hurricane Michael. By denying climate change, he is assuring many more storms and countless victims to come.
Duncan Cameron October 9
Duncan Cameron
In ongoing talks with Japan and the EU, the U.S. plans to use the precedent created by a concession granted in the USMCA to advance the American goal of punishing China for its trade practices.
Rick Salutin October 5
Rick Salutin
Toronto is a city people love, but its strength is in its neighbourhoods and demographics, not its leadership. As we gear up to face Ford, wouldn't it be nice to have strong mayoral representation?