Rick Salutin May 17
Rick Salutin
I'll miss Peter Worthington, Canada's archetypal right-wing journalist, who died this week at 86. I say that without irony or subtext. I'll just miss him.
Amy Goodman May 16
Former Guatemalan president Efrain Rios Montt was hauled off to prison last Friday. It was the first time in history that a former leader of a country was tried for genocide in a national court.
Elizabeth Littlejohn May 16
Elizabeth Littlejohn
Why is Porter, or any airline, allowed to expand its operations over treasured public assets -- our parks and lakes -- when it is duplicating international flights already provided by Pearson Airport?
Thomas Ponniah May 15
Venezuela's government announced that a new labour law, part of which will grant recognition to non-salaried work traditionally done by women, will come into effect this week.
Duncan Cameron May 14
Duncan Cameron
With the privatization of research findings, discoveries and knowledge become industrial secrets, unavailable to Canadians who have paid for it, and lost to other scientists.
Retiree Matters, Doug Macpherson May 13
Doug Macpherson
As retirees, during our working lives, we fought hard and long with our unions for the wages and benefits workers enjoy today, a fair share of the richness of Canada.
Monia Mazigh May 10
Monia Mazigh
About a week ago, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews overruled a decision made by the warden of Millhaven Institution, and refused an interview request by the Canadian Press to speak with Omar Khadr.
Rick Salutin May 10
Rick Salutin
Our governments have become largely a sales force, trooping to Washington to beg the U.S. to buy our oil and build pipelines for it. Resources Minister Joe Oliver is the Willy Loman of this drama.
Alice Klein May 9
Alice Klein
The fact is that when it comes to the Ontario budget, this is no time for recklessness. We have a unique opportunity right here, right now. And the need for good government couldn't be greater.
Amy Goodman May 9
It's time for the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the U.S. military to get the attention it deserves, where the problem is institutional.
Thomas Ponniah May 8
In his newest bestseller, Anti-Fragile: Things That Gain From Disorder, Nassim Nicholas Taleb utilizes myths to illustrate three types of exposure to the unpredictable.
Linda McQuaig May 7
The Harperites have directed their attacks against unions, portraying them as undemocratic organizations run by "union bosses" who ignore the interests of ordinary workers.
Duncan Cameron May 7
Duncan Cameron
The middle class must occupy a privileged position in Canadian politics. Appeals to middle-class voters are a part of every party platform.
Ralph Surette May 6
Ralph Surette
For the first time in more than a generation, someone from Atlantic Canada has said "boo" to the federal government. With luck, this will be a much-needed spark for these provinces.
Rick Salutin May 3
Rick Salutin
The Hot Docs film festival is a phenomenon. In just 20 years it's become huge. Built around documentaries. How does that happen? And why here?
Naomi Klein May 2
Naomi Klein
For a long time, forming partnerships with polluters was how the green groups proved they were serious. But the message to Big Green is clear: cut your ties with the fossils, or become one yourself.
Amy Goodman May 2
Kimberly Rivera refused to shoot at children in Iraq. She had the courage to dissent, to resist. Now she sits in prison, pregnant, away from her husband, Mario, and four young children.
Hennessy's Index May 1
Hennessy's Index
There will be an estimated $11.8 billion in government spending cuts by 2014-15, due to the last three austerity budgets.
Thomas Ponniah May 1
Professor Henry Giroux, one of North America's most famous theorists, will be speaking at a conference on "Rethinking Pedagogy" at George Brown College on Thursday, May 16.
Duncan Cameron April 30
Duncan Cameron
People are bombarded with appeals to look after their personal finances. There is much less discussion of how interest rates get set, and what is the impact on the economy of spending cuts.
Jim Stanford April 29
Jim Stanford
Labour advocates and immigration agencies have warned for years about deep flaws in Canada's rapidly growing migrant labour program.
Rick Salutin April 26
Rick Salutin
In the echoing words of the late Susan Sontag: "Let's by all means grieve together, but let's not be stupid together." It applies maybe quadruple after the Boston bombings -- and to us as well.
Amy Goodman April 25
To call the West Fertilizer Co. explosion an accident ignores that it was preventable, and was quite possibly a crime, as is common with so many dangerous workplaces.
Pro Bono, Brian Iler, Kirsten Iler April 25
Given the scientific consensus that wind turbines are not dangerous to human health, it is time to shift focus to a real issue: fixing wind energy policy to increase community power in Canada.
Thomas Ponniah April 24
Nassim Nicholas Taleb's work in "The Black Swan" is at its most brilliant when he points out the dangers that centralized forms of decision-making produce.
Duncan Cameron April 23
Duncan Cameron
The task that lies ahead is eradicating a phony philosophy of self to the exclusion of others. Canadians need a government that sees looking out for others as integral to the public purpose.
Matthew Behrens April 22
The suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were acting no differently than a general in the Pentagon when they detonated a crude version of weapons that are a regular part of many a military arsenal.
Murray Dobbin April 22
The overwhelming victory of Justin Trudeau in the Liberal Party's leadership race demonstrates just how impoverished the state of our political culture has become.
Ralph Surette April 22
Ralph Surette
The pileup of cuts, scandals, ideologically driven "reforms" and assaults on democracy have little fires smouldering all over the Harper edifice, although the façade is still standing.
Rick Salutin April 19
Rick Salutin
It's richly ironic that New Democrats, who laboured for years to shed the albatross of "socialism," finally succeeded last weekend just when the word may no longer be cursed.