Rick Salutin July 30
Rick Salutin
The link between economics and democratics isn't statistical, it's moral. Yet it can't find real expression through existing political institutions. The solutions can only be new democratic forms.
Rick Salutin July 27
Rick Salutin
I've spent recent days on an island north of Huntsville pondering the death from cancer, at 71, of the Irish-American left-wing journalist Alexander Cockburn.
Amy Goodman July 26
Perhaps, if sane laws on gun control, including the ban on high- capacity magazines, were in place, many in Aurora who are now dead or seriously injured would be alive and well today.
Pro Bono, Shelina Ali July 26
The House of Commons recently passed a private member's bill, Bill C-304, to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act, repealing Section 13, the "hate speech" clause, in its entirety.
Thomas Ponniah July 25
How do we reform the international political system? One new radical solution that has emerged as a response to traditional Keynesianism is a multipolar anti-imperialist framework.
Rick Salutin July 24
Rick Salutin
It turns out referendums aren't just an aspect of Swiss democracy, they're its most distinctive, beloved element. On a national level they're usually held four times a year, with multiple items.
Matthew Behrens July 24
It's been more than a month, but Canadians in general have been able to go about their daily business despite the United Nations declaration that the federal government is complicit in torture.
Ralph Surette July 23
Ralph Surette
If Justin Trudeau really wants to serve the country rather than the rearguard of his party, he has no choice but to acknowledge the reality: The NDP is the new Liberal party.
Rick Salutin July 23
Rick Salutin
I went to Spain last fall hoping to find vigorous remnants of its bold anarchist tradition, though this time the cause worth giving everything for would be democracy, rather than socialism.
Rick Salutin July 20
Rick Salutin
To mark the centennial of Northrop Frye's birth a week ago, I want to register -- not quite a disagreement with Martin Knelman's lament here about the lack of acclaim for our great literary critic.
Amy Goodman July 19
The impact of the bombing of Guernica is still felt to this day -- by the elderly survivors and by Guernica's youth, who are struggling to forge a future for their town out of its painful history.
Rick Salutin July 17
Rick Salutin
The briefest glance still proves how undemocratic our system is, in which you merely need more votes than other candidates, to arrive "first past the post," and win a seat.
Rick Salutin July 16
Rick Salutin
What if the problem is elections, not democracy -- because elections aren't all there is to democracy. That may be hard to absorb, since we tend to equate them.
Jim Stanford July 13
Jim Stanford
Before we get too carried away with scary debt stuff, consider these two indicators of the fundamental fiscal fragility/stability of Canadian governments.
Rick Salutin July 13
Rick Salutin
If you'd like a titillating read this summer, let me propose Debt: The First 5000 Years, by David Graeber. It's a book that dares to question "the very assumption that debts have to be repaid."
Monia Mazigh July 13
Monia Mazigh
The Barclays scandal is not a conspiracy made by radical anti-capitalists determined to destroy the world. It is a sad story, revealing symptoms of a chronic disease.
Amy Goodman July 12
As Spain's prime minister announced deep austerity cuts Wednesday in order to secure funds from the European Union to bail out Spain's failing banks, the people have taken to the streets once again.
Wayne MacPhail July 12
Wayne MacPhail
My students at the University of Western Ontario culled video, audio, text and stills from the mediaverse that is rabble.ca and created an interactive, rich media book exclusively for iPad.
Thomas Ponniah July 11
In soccer, the contemporary player who most refuses to be regulated is Mario Balotelli. Nicknamed "Super Mario," Balotelli is one of the first black players to represent Italy.
Janice M. Bernier, Retiree Matters July 9
Janice M. Bernier
When medicare was introduced in Saskatchewan in July of 1962, I was six years old and about to start Grade 1. Growing up in Saskatchewan during the health-care debates helped shape who I am today.
Joyce Arthur July 6
Joyce Arthur
On June 6, Canadians lost a valuable tool in the fight against discrimination and hate. Through a backdoor private member's bill, the government repealed Section 13 of the Human Rights Act.
Rick Salutin July 6
Rick Salutin
The confusing thing about that bus monitor story from the U.S. is that it was treated as a case of bullying. What it really involved was youth dabbling in ways to undermine adult authority.
Jim Stanford July 5
Jim Stanford
Caught in a punishing recession that just won't end, many Americans must think they've been transported back to the 1930s. Meanwhile, U.S. labour laws are heading even further back in time.
Amy Goodman July 5
Evidence supporting the existence of climate change is pummelling the United States this summer, from the mountain wildfires of Colorado to the recent "derecho" storm that left at least 23 dead.
Jim Stanford July 4
Jim Stanford
Just in time for Canada Day, the Globe and Mail's Report on Business issued its annual Top 1000 rankings of the thousand largest publicly traded companies in Canada.
Linda McQuaig July 3
In the 1990s, CTV broadcaster Eric Malling told Canadians the sad tale of a baby hippo shot by authorities at a New Zealand zoo. They had big deficits, so there was no money to expand the hippo pen.
Hennessy's Index July 3
Hennessy's Index
This month, Hennessy's Index looks at access to food in Canada and the problem of food insecurity -- defined as lacking access to enough safe and nutritious food to meet dietary needs.
Rick Salutin July 2
Rick Salutin
I'm not arguing against Confederation, or for it. The point isn't to celebrate Confederation, so much as to explore and develop its possibilities.
Jim Stanford June 29
Jim Stanford
In the last year, three mainstream parties have introduced proposals for right-to-work-style legal changes in Canada. Developments in the U.S. are clearly exerting influence north of the border.
Amy Goodman June 28
A century of transparent campaign-finance restrictions preventing corporate money from influencing elections came to an end, as the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Montana's Corrupt Practices Act.