Rick Salutin June 24
Rick Salutin
Reducing multifarious human beings to sets of economic data is irrational. Oddly, humans often agree. They'll frequently consider losing out economically to being diminished existentially.
Murray Dobbin June 24
NATO is requesting that Canada join a 4,000-troop contingent that would form a permanent NATO presence in countries bordering Russia. Will Prime Minister Trudeau make the courageous choice and say no?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 23
The gun control debate took a historic turn Wednesday, as Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives staged the first sit-in in Congress history.
Matthew Behrens June 22
In a reminder that the warfare state is never affected by who gets elected in Canada, the Trudeau Liberals are about to embark on a militaristic spending spree that will draw no opposition.
Wayne MacPhail June 22
Wayne MacPhail
Last week was a week of media data porn, with the release of studies on media and media consumer behaviour. Unfortunately for the news business, the news is not good.
Duncan Cameron June 21
Duncan Cameron
The U.K.'s Brexit referendum has exploded with unexpected force onto the world stage. Despite dodgy leadership, Brexit voters are numerous, and the outcome of the referendum is in doubt.
Lois Ross June 21
Lois Ross
Canadian farmers are contending with increasingly strict commercial rights on the seeds they buy. And there are fewer options in the public domain. These issues have led to calls for policy change.
Rick Salutin June 17
Rick Salutin
One great thing about Muhammad Ali's funeral a week ago is that it responded to the hateful Trumpian garbage that got spewed after the Orlando slaughter and did so pre-emptively.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 16
The largest massacre in Australia's post-colonial history so shocked the nation that within 12 days, comprehensive gun-control law was brought in. There has not been another mass shooting since.
Wayne MacPhail June 15
Wayne MacPhail
Consumers are reaching peak subscription fatigue. We are much happier to give away money from an eyedropper than from a dripping tap we're afraid will never stop leaking.
Duncan Cameron June 14
Duncan Cameron
The legislative stumbles over legalization of marijuana, democratic reform, and assisted dying have not affected the Liberals' popularity. But, there are some big decisions that still need to be made.
Murray Dobbin June 10
If Israel is to survive and flourish as the democratic nation it claims to be, the status quo cannot continue says Murray Dobbin.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 9
The two cases could not be more starkly different, nor could they, together, better illustrate the vast disparities across race and class lines in the American system of justice.
Linda McQuaig June 9
Recent scandals with KPMG and the Panama Papers leaks reveal Canada Revenue's standard kid-glove treatment for the wealthy and powerful.
Wayne MacPhail June 8
Wayne MacPhail
What if journalism is doing it wrong and reporting on the problems is creating a bigger problem? Can solutions-based journalism be the actual solution?
Duncan Cameron June 7
Duncan Cameron
There is much to be learned about how to do democracy better in Canada. Let's hope the new special parliamentary committee can get it right.
Rick Salutin June 6
Rick Salutin
Elementary logic suggests that deals (they're rarely called "free trade" deals any more) written in secret with only corporate figures present alongside governments will reflect -- guess who?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 2
It was a bad week for dictators, and a good one for international justice. Two brutal, U.S.-backed dictators who ruled decades ago were convicted for crimes they committed while in power.
Wayne MacPhail June 1
Wayne MacPhail
We are reaching a crisis point in Canadian journalism. Newspapers today are a sorry shadow of what they once were and digital upstarts don't have the resources to fill the gaps.
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update June 1
David Christopher
All eyes were on Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains as he weighed whether to give Bell an effective monopoly over fibre Internet services in Canada. It was a landmark decision with big implications.
Duncan Cameron May 31
Duncan Cameron
According to some, austerity is supposed to promote growth, but the IMF team shows the inequality increases that result from austerity feed back into slower growth.
Monia Mazigh May 27
Monia Mazigh
It has now been five months since we started hearing about Canadian kids affected by the Canadian version of the no-fly list and unfortunately, the situation hasn't improved much since.
Rick Salutin May 27
Rick Salutin
Commentators say that secularism is over and religion has been restored to a prestigious place in our society. And yet, Rick Salutin gives us as counter-evidence, the rise of Donald Trump.
Murray Dobbin May 27
Since the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement in 1988, promoters of investment protection agreements have held sway. But 30 years after the first experiment, signs of resistence are growing.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 26
While there is scant evidence that mass arrests and deportations have slowed the flow of Central American refugees to the U.S., they have certainly scared students and families living there.
Pro Bono, Shelina Ali May 26
Protection of transgender rights is long overdue. But does Bill C-16 go far enough in undoing the Harper government's damage to equality rights in Canada?
Ole Hendrickson May 25
Ole Hendrickson
Canada is only one of many countries dealing with climate refugees. South Pacific island nations are steadily being inundated by rising seas and India is seeing record-breaking heat waves.
Wayne MacPhail May 25
Wayne MacPhail
Google announced a lot of fascinating stuff at its annual I/O developers' conference but two things really jumped out: it's serious about VR and it's leveraging its natural language and search data.
Matthew Behrens May 24
In a major setback to a Liberal government still refusing to repeal the repressive Bill C-51, the Federal Court has found unreasonable the secret trial security certificate against Mahmoud Jaballah.
Duncan Cameron May 24
Duncan Cameron
Most Canadians watching the U.S. presidential race were astonished to see Donald Trump emerge as serious contender for high office, let alone become the presumptive Republican nominee.