Rick Salutin January 27
Rick Salutin
When Paul Martin began whanging that guitar on Sunday night before the election, I couldn't imagine anyone voting for him or his party next day. It isn't over till the jittery guy strums, and this wa
Jerry West January 27
Jerry West
Anyone who pays any attention to the news at all should not have missed the fact that recently a number of shootings in Toronto have generated considerable notice. As in many cases in Canada when a
Scott Piatkowski January 26
Scott Piatkowski
Trying to quickly analyze the results of a vote in the wee small hours of the morning is an uncertain prospect. There are obviously some things that remain unclear at this early stage, and some that
Thomas Walkom January 24
In the end, Greater Toronto bucked the trend. Most voters here said they wanted change. They said they were either sick of, or disappointed by, Liberal Leader Paul Martin. But when they got into the
Linda McQuaig January 23
If Stephen Harper's Conservatives win, their victory will no doubt be heralded as a seismic shift in Canadian politics — as the dawn of a new conservative era. Actually, it will probably have mo
Rick Salutin January 20
Rick Salutin
<b>Hidden agendas?</b> Hell, I'm worried about the open ones. Like what? A sage seven-year-old recently said, after watching <i>Oliver!</i> the musical, &#147;I'm glad they don't put kids in jail any
Scott Piatkowski January 19
Scott Piatkowski
Despite the inevitable pleading from the Liberals, progressive voters should not vote Liberal in order to stop the Conservatives. Just because the Liberals' well-documented sense of entitlement now s
Thomas Walkom January 17
Stephen Harper wants to stand up for Canada. So does Paul Martin. Jack Layton wants to protect those he calls working families. Yet in a very specific situation where the Canadian government has been
Linda McQuaig January 16
More than 600 people filled the hall in downtown Toronto last Thursday night to watch what promised to be a contentious all-candidates debate about Canada's role in fighting poverty, both at home and
Rick Salutin January 13
Rick Salutin
Paul Martin doesn't deserve re-election, voters seem to have decided. No argument here. I can't think of a thing in his record that <i>merits</i> a vote. His pride and joy, deficit elimination, was d
Scott Piatkowski January 12
Scott Piatkowski
If you had to think of a single catch phrase to sum up the 2004 Federal Election Campaign, it would likely be the following two words: &#147;hidden agenda.&#148; The Liberals successfully played up v
Thomas Walkom January 10
In both style and substance, Stephen Harper is trying to tell voters &#151; particularly in Ontario &#151; that the man who once called for a &#147;firewall&#148; around Alberta to protect it from th
Tricia Hylton January 9
It's no secret: Black Canadians vote primarily Liberal in federal elections. On January 23, before we instinctively mark an &#147;x&#148; beside the Liberal candidate, let's look at the effects of so
Linda McQuaig January 9
With a co-operative media, Stephen Harper has managed to render largely invisible his links to a cabal of right wingers determined to transform Canada in the way their American counterparts transform
Rick Salutin January 6
Rick Salutin
One of the abiding mysteries of Canadian politics is how the NDP manages not to succeed. I say this because it seems to me they represent exactly what mainstream Canadian political culture has come t
Scott Piatkowski January 5
Scott Piatkowski
2006 marks the thirteenth New Year for which I've made a series of not-always-serious predictions. Someone with time on their hands is welcome to do some research on how my previous predictions have
Keith Gottschalk January 3
Keith Gottschalk
If you had asked Jane Creba on the morning of her death what the future held for her, what do you think she would have said? Similarly, on the same morning, if you asked the young men who would be fi
Linda McQuaig January 2
Ten years ago, Mike Harris slashed Ontario's welfare rates by 22 per cent, thereby cutting by almost one-quarter the incomes of Ontario's most vulnerable families. The young kids in those vulnerable
Heather Mallick December 30
In 1975, the American humourist Nora Ephron compared <i>People</i> magazine, invented the previous year, to a potato chip. It is empty calories, she said. I think she meant it's a takeoff mag: you co
Rick Salutin December 30
Rick Salutin
Last month, I heard Seymour Hersh, who exposed the My Lai massacre in Vietnam 36 years ago and Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse more recently, at a fundraiser for journalistic freedom. He began by saying he
Scott Piatkowski December 29
Scott Piatkowski
Everything I needed to know in life, I've learned from my spam folder. Well, not quite <i>everything</i>, but sorting through the myriad bulk e-mails that I receive everyday is certainly an instructi
Tricia Hylton December 28
We just don't marry. Out of every ethnic group in Canada, Black Canadians marry the least. If marriage remains the foundation of a strong and stable family and community then clearly, this foundati
Thomas Walkom December 27
It wasn't long ago that newspaper editors would warn their reporters against Afghanistanism &#151; that is, writing at length about places that few of their readers knew or understood. Now, as a coun
Rick Salutin December 23
Rick Salutin
It's been a good year for obnoxious on TV, a quality whose value rises as Christmas approaches with its sentimentality, or schmaltz, to slightly multiculturalize the reference. Sentimentality often c
Scott Piatkowski December 22
Scott Piatkowski
The last time I ran in a federal election was in 1993 (don't ask how I did). At that time, I remember reading and critiquing the Liberal Red Book (co-written by Paul Martin). For those who've forgott
Thomas Walkom December 20
The Liberals are pouncing with glee on the undiplomatic remarks of U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins. By warning Prime Minister Paul Martin not to make the U.S. an issue in Canada's election campaign, Wi
Heather Mallick December 19
You wouldn't think there'd be anything new to say about masturbation. It's like the number seven. There it sits between six and eight, holding its place, and there isn't a damn thing you can say abou
Linda McQuaig December 19
There's a school of thought that feels, even when the U.S. does bad things in the world, we should look the other way and keep our eyes cast demurely downward. If Washington chooses to invade Iraq, t
Rick Salutin December 16
Rick Salutin
<b>Paul Martin, nationalist:</b> I agree with Stephen Harper and Jack Layton, that Paul Martin rings false when he comes on like Joe in the old beer ad (&#147;I <i>am</i> Canadian&#148;). But calling
Scott Piatkowski December 15
Scott Piatkowski
Apparently, the White House was less than pleased at the lecture they received from Paul Martin during last week's climate change conference. The conference was aimed at negotiating an agreement to f