Rick Salutin April 1
Rick Salutin
The time is ripe, it seems to me, for assessing the deep change brought by the Internet era. It's ripe because, now, there's a generation grown up entirely within that era.
Murray Dobbin April 1
It is an interesting paradigm shift: for 10 years, Stephen Harper fantasized about disappearing the Liberal Party. Now the Liberals are in a position to destroy the NDP.
Meghan Sali, Digital Freedom Update April 1
Meghan Sali
Canadians have many reasons to be concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But the real poison pill in the TPP lies in its "investor-state dispute settlement" mechanism. Here's why.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 31
A new law in North Carolina denies transgender people use of the bathroom, changing room or locker room that matches their gender identity. Resistance to the bill is fierce, and growing daily.
Pro Bono, Brian Iler March 31
The Trudeau government has promised to modernize the rules governing the non-profit sector, which was left under a chill by the Conservatives. What needs to change?
Ole Hendrickson March 30
Ole Hendrickson
Given hockey's quasi-official status as Canada's national sport, the poor performance of Canada's NHL teams is generating discussion. And when probabilities get this low, statisticians get interested.
Wayne MacPhail March 30
Wayne MacPhail
One of the great existential questions of the 21st century has to be: "Will anyone actually pay for news online?" Now a play-per-play platform, Blendle, is aiming to be the iTunes of news.
Duncan Cameron March 29
Duncan Cameron
After the Trudeau government's budget announced a nearly $30-billion deficit, a chorus of right-wing voices started calling for a return to belt-tightening austerity.
Rick Salutin March 25
Rick Salutin
Terms used to describe Ford Nation include ordinary Canadians. But that's statistically inaccurate and something else is implied: what once were called commoners; they're who Ford connected with.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 24
The horror in Brussels is unforgivable. Few can deny, though, that some of the worst policies of the U.S. and its allies serve as recruitment tools for ISIS and other groups.
Monia Mazigh March 23
Monia Mazigh
When reacting to terrorist attacks like those in Brussels, for Muslims living in the West, the position is almost impossible.
Wayne MacPhail March 23
Wayne MacPhail
"Ubiquitous computing" imagines a world in which computers are not front and centre in our lives, but become, like motors, the invisible engines of modern life.
Matthew Behrens March 23
Selfies taken by Canadian cabinet ministers with war criminals Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell are examples of how fawning obeisance disappears the victims of power while celebrating brutal violence.
Duncan Cameron March 22
Duncan Cameron
Political parties of the left exist to reverse the prevailing balance of political forces, not sell out the weaker groups. When a party such as the NDP forgets why it exists, its constituents desert.
Rick Salutin March 18
Rick Salutin
In his new book, Noam Chomsky takes on a perilous human obsession: the mind-body split, dualism between spirit and matter.
Monia Mazigh March 18
Monia Mazigh
In 2014, Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi was arrested by Emirati state security in Dubai and charged by the U.A.E. with supporting terrorism. Why isn't Canada demanding justice?
Murray Dobbin March 18
The Libyan story should provide critically important foreign policy lessons for the West and for Canada, but without a mea culpa and recognition of this catastrophic error, no one will learn anything.
Linda McQuaig March 17
Looking back on her foray into politics, Linda McQuaig questions if we're well served by a conventional wisdom that has reduced the voter to a simple-minded consumer who's only out for themselves.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 17
We were taught that fascism was defeated in 1945, with the end of the Second World War. Yet the long shadows of that dark era are falling on the U.S. presidential campaign trail this year.
Wayne MacPhail March 16
Wayne MacPhail
We now have the capacity to deliver photo essays to mobile devices that have a resolution that rivals the finest publications. But they depend on one thing for their success -- powerful images.
Duncan Cameron March 15
Duncan Cameron
Responses to events "tend to be militarized responses," Obama said in a recent account, which chronicles how the U.S. president became disenchanted with the Washington establishment playbook.
Rick Salutin March 11
Rick Salutin
Two spectral presences appeared during Justin Trudeau's visit to Washington, one Canadian and one American. You could almost see them onscreen, then they frustratingly faded, as spectres do.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 10
Why should pollsters' predictions matter to the U.S. electorate? Let each person make his or her decision on how to vote not on polling numbers, but on the positions staked out by the candidates.
Wayne MacPhail March 9
Wayne MacPhail
Here's a question: Can technology change the fundamental nature of story? I ask because a recent publishing experiment by Google suggests it can. I'm skeptical.
Duncan Cameron March 8
Duncan Cameron
Why does a U.S. president in the last year of his mandate want to meet and entertain Justin Trudeau? It is a question Canadians should be asking.
Retiree Matters, Louisette Hinton March 7
Louisette Hinton
Last year, one in five women was a victim of physical or sexual violence, and almost one in two women experienced psychological violence. Why are we still grappling with this scourge in 2016?
Rick Salutin March 4
Rick Salutin
Ontario's recent budget brought both good news and bad. But it all comes down to debt, which preceded capitalism, and has always been parasitic and economically destructive.
Murray Dobbin March 4
Justin Trudeau and his government could not be more mistaken if they believe they are doing Israel a favour by supporting the repugnant Conservative anti-BDS resolution.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 3
Race has been a defining issue in the 2016 U.S. election season, and inextricably linked to it, the struggle for voting rights.
Pro Bono, Lauren Blumas, Jenna Valleriani March 3
Lauren Blumas
Cities like Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto are experiencing a medical cannabis dispensary boom -- neon lights and all. What is going on? Why now? And are they legal?