Linda McQuaig December 24
The notion that Canada is a country in decline, a nation of losers, a hub of mediocrity, etc. is one encountered often in the National Post. I'm not disagreeing Canada has declined in recent years. B
Rick Salutin December 21
Rick Salutin
Our version of democracy tends to be top-heavy at the best of times, leaving leaders, generals, experts and the rich to run things unencumbered, except for occasional elections. It's a situation in w
Lyle Stewart December 21
Once one of the most highly developed nations of Latin America, with the region's largest middle class, Argentina is being rapidly pushed into Third World status by various "rescue" plans from the In
Rachel Giese December 20
The same people who oppose gun control and socialized medicine - though both would save thousands of American lives each year - are now waxing philosophical about the sanctity of life, the importance
Naomi Klein December 19
Naomi Klein
Post-September 11, History is back with a capital H. Shoppers are once again foot soldiers in a battle between good and evil, wearing new stars-and-stripes bras by Elita and popping special edition r
Jerry West December 19
Jerry West
The people of B.C. are not really being asked for their direction on treaty issues. The proposed referendum on the issue is little more than an expensive propaganda gimmick being used by the governme
Dalton Camp December 19
Parents in Ontario already have a choice about whether to send their kids to private schools. The question is whether the state should be subsidizing that choice.
Tom Walkom December 18
I'm old-fashioned. I think it is interesting that someone with access to a U.S. or British - or maybe even a Canadian - military lab is trying to conduct germ warfare against the North American popul
Murray Dobbin December 18
Trade deals are created to benefit of business. They are intended to dramatically reduce the risks that have historically been associated with investment. With these deals, risk then shifts to govern
Roy Adams December 18
The executive class has largely succeeded in excluding labour and environmental standards from international trade agreements. Its increasing power and the decline of countervailing constraints on it
Dalton Camp December 16
The American media are more interested in this war because its viewers and readers and advertisers are American. This makes sense. It has nothing to do with journalism.
Thomas Walkom December 15
By forging ahead with plans to privatize Ontario's Hydro One, Mike Harris - who is stepping down as Premier - has made it virtually impossible for his successor not to proceed with the government's s
Lyle Stewart December 14
Liberal Senator Michael Kirby chairs the Senate committee on social affairs, science and technology. He also sits on the board of directors of Extendicare Inc., which owns hundreds of nursing homes a
Rick Salutin December 14
Rick Salutin
Who would have thought that, in the early twenty-first century, socialism and communism would not be political factors, while religious fundamentalism would? It's nice to be surprised, I guess.
Rachel Giese December 13
Only last year, Hollywood was being called on the carpet by the U.S. government for making violent films for children. Now that the U.S. military is enacting real violence upon children in Afghanista
Dalton Camp December 12
Listening to Rumsfeld's defence of barbarism, it struck me that we may find ourselves living in a world measurably drained of humanity. When this war is done, it will be difficult to imagine how our
Naomi Klein December 12
Naomi Klein
We are going to have "the most modern border in the world," Finance Minister Paul Martin enthused when announcing his latest budget on Monday. This, it turns out, is the legacy of all the years of be
Tom Walkom December 11
Ottawa has rediscovered government spending as an acceptable economic tool. It has also rediscovered the virtues of war.
Dalton Camp December 9
One does not need to be too sensitive, or offended, at hearing her neighbour stride about the neighbourhood wondering aloud which nation of the world will be next to be levelled by American power, wh
Lyle Stewart December 7
A "Qui est journaliste?" thread has been running for days on the E-mail list of the Fédération des Journalistes Professionelles du Québec. One answer: "To be a legiti
Rick Salutin December 7
Rick Salutin
It's not surprising that states employ terror, given their power. Nor is the point that one kind of terror justifies the other. The point is that terror is reprehensible, wherever it's used, because
Rachel Giese December 6
Everyone repeat after me: We weren't the target of the September 11 attacks, we don't harbour terrorists, there's no anthrax in our mail. Why on Earth, then, did the government pass Bill C-36?
Judy Rebick December 6
Judy Rebick
In 1989, fourteen women were killed only because they were women wanting to do what used to be a man's job. Every year since, thousands of women, children and men gather to remember, and to pledge to
Thomas Walkom December 4
Regulation is an odd thing. It often makes sense - even if it has a funny name. The Pregnant Mares' Urine Act made sense. Now that the industry has returned to Ontario, it would be wise to reinstate
Jerry West December 4
Jerry West
Here in British Columbia, our own homegrown form of Taliban - under Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell - has been merrily slashing and tearing apart the fabric of the province on a daily basis.
Linda McQuaig December 3
It would be naive to believe the United States would give Canada a role in shaping its monetary policy, any more than Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan now checks with his counterparts in Ecuador,
Parker Barss Donham December 2
Suddenly I find myself a former journalist, having, as CBC's Canada Now put it, "retired" from journalism to take a government PR job. This is known in the trade as "crossing over to the dark side",
Dalton Camp December 2
The new opium of the masses these days is not religion, as Marx put it in another day, but patriotism, which will, I suspect, have a much shorter run in America than has the Sermon on the Mount.
Rick Salutin November 30
Rick Salutin
I know Tony Blair has his Canadian fans, some here at The Globe and Mail, but with U.S. leaders telling their allies publicly to take no prisoners, and their special forces calling in jet strikes on
Rachel Giese November 29
Placed in the delicate position of protecting community standards, the Ontario Film Review Board make ham-fisted judgments with little or no public input on the essential questions of what community