Rick Salutin December 1
Rick Salutin
The alternative to socialism is no longer neoliberalism; it's Trumpian racist populism, which is probably a nonstarter in Ontario.
Marie Aspiazu, Digital Freedom Update December 1
In a win for digital rights advocates, the Canadian government took a strong stance on the Intellectual Property (IP) chapter despite strong pressure from other nations to rush through with the deal.
Murray Dobbin December 1
The revelations of the Paradise Papers and the earlier Panama Papers demonstrate just one dimension, tax evasion, of an obvious truth: corporations have become the greatest threat to the planet.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 30
Let's remember her name, not because it is invoked by a powerful man who preys on the vulnerable, but to inspire action, advancing Indigenous rights and women's rights.
Matthew Behrens November 29
The Ottawa resident has never been subjected to examination either in an open court or a closed session. He was back in court in mid-November seeking relaxed conditions and now waits for a verdict.
June Chua November 28
Interview with "Marco’s Oriental Noodles" filmmaker Howie Shia on using a story to show cultural appropriation through food.
Rick Salutin November 24
Rick Salutin
Sophistication lies in giving yourself fully to the present while knowing it's transient, yet keeping in view, somewhere on the horizon, your larger goals.
Linda McQuaig November 24
Workers and retirees from federally regulated industries may be pushed into insecure pensions programs that are market dependent
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 23
Just one year ago the Indigenous-led resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline on Standing Rock Sioux tribal territory in North Dakota was being subjected to increasingly intense state violence.
Lois Ross November 21
Global small farmer movement La Via Campesina has released a report on food sovereignty and food production problems around the world.
Rick Salutin November 17
Rick Salutin
Conventional soldiers "keeping the peace" could be as fatuous as the obscene "war to end all wars" was. But apparently most Canadians like the idea of peacekeeping -- who wouldn't?
Murray Dobbin November 17
If such a scenario seems far-fetched, consider who currently runs Israel, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 16
But when it comes to setting policy on climate change, as with healthcare, taxes, and, hopefully, even war, Trump doesn't hold the same dictatorial powers as authoritarian world leaders he admires.
Wayne MacPhail November 16
Wayne MacPhail
A visit to Silicon Valley conjures up images of Dickensian-level poverty.
Rick Salutin November 10
Rick Salutin
One key indicator of elitism is the notion that worthiness is related to education. I'm all for good public schools but an education makes you educated, not smart. That comes from somewhere else.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 9
The mass murder in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was a horrific crime. It was also horrifically predictable, and emblematic of the systemic problem we have with guns and violence in the United States.
Gerald Caplan November 9
Despite campaign promises of peacekeeping, the Trudeau government has given up on Africa.
Linda McQuaig November 9
Conservative and Liberal prime ministers have changed policies to tax the wealthy thanks to Kolber's persuasion
Rick Salutin November 3
Rick Salutin
If free speech gets shut down it will always be the privileged who benefit because they have the power, the guns, the legal institutions, the money, to bend the final decisions to their ends.
Monia Mazigh November 3
Monia Mazigh
Quebec's shameful embrace of a niqab ban grew out of the identity politics that followed the failed 1995 referendum to separate from Canada
Murray Dobbin November 3
Countries of the Global South and environmentalists are fighting developed countries oil giants being allowed in to climate change negotiations
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 2
Two months after Hurricane Maria hit, the island of Puerto Rico remains dark. There are people coming to the island, though: the disaster capitalists.
Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update November 1
The lack of transparency around NAFTA means undemocratic policies are being considered which could harm ordinary Canadians
Lois Ross November 1
As 'The Lancet' releases shocking information on deaths cause by pollution, the continuing saga of Grassy Narrows’ mercury poisoning remains the shame of Canada
Rick Salutin October 28
Rick Salutin
Taking care of big public programs, like health care and better CPP, means you need more revenues to fund them -- and that means more taxes.
Linda McQuaig October 27
Why a billionaire American hedge fund manager should personally pay benefits of terminated Sears workers
Matthew Behrens October 27
Ralph Goodale's series of new memos defy the absolute prohibition on torture. This is immoral and foolish, given how Canadian citizens have been treated and the deserved payouts they have received
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan October 26
Just over a year after attacking Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Trump has insulted and accused Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson of lying.
Safia Lakhani, Pro Bono October 26
There is a lot of push back against the report, which concluded discrimination and bias are experienced daily by racialized licencees
Rick Salutin October 20
Rick Salutin
The U.S. president has revived the fear of a nuclear holocaust for a new generation.