Wayne MacPhail September 21
Wayne MacPhail
The ideograms of Chinese, Egyptian and Sumerian texts all demonstrate how powerful a picture-based language can be. Maybe all we've really done with emojis is come full circle.
Rick Salutin September 16
Rick Salutin
Rev. Gretta Vosper is a self-declared atheist. Understandably, this has the United Church in a bit of a tizzy. But heresy in the name of faith and god has always been an intrinsic part of religions.
Murray Dobbin September 16
If global trade isn't going to pull the world economy out of its persistent doldrums, why are countries putting so much political energy into signing these agreements?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 15
"Authorities in North Dakota should stop embarrassing themselves, drop the charges against Amy Goodman and ensure that all reporters are free to do their jobs."
Wayne MacPhail September 14
Wayne MacPhail
Was Apple's decision to remove the headphone jack arrogant, elitist and greedy? Maybe. Is it the first time it has done something like this? Definitely not.
Rick Salutin September 11
Rick Salutin
The slow movement continues to occupy new terrain, gradually. It's made its mark in food, gardening, aging, travel, money. Now we await The Slow Citizen.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 11
A petroleum pipeline, called the Dakota Access pipeline, is being built, threatening the Missouri River. A movement has grown to block the pipeline, led by Native American tribes.
Ole Hendrickson September 7
Ole Hendrickson
There are no signs that the government will rethink its position on nuclear disarmament before the UN General Assembly, which will likely vote on launching negotiations on a nuclear weapons treaty.
Wayne MacPhail September 7
Wayne MacPhail
The alternative world of steampunk is a world frozen in a parallel Victorian era of remarkable, imagined technology. The steampunk attitude towards its technology sheds light on present-day thinking.
Jim Stanford September 2
Jim Stanford
Prime Minister Trudeau leads a big entourage to China this week, in hopes of expanding Canada's foothold in that huge economy. Here are the main features of our current, unbalanced relationship.
Rick Salutin September 2
Rick Salutin
Parents are the primary parents of their children, not their teachers. Mostly parents should parent, which is hard enough. For learning purposes, kids need people at a distance.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 1
In the shadow of the Games, an extraordinary event has taken place, largely overlooked in the media: a coup d'etat against Brazil's democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff.
Linda McQuaig September 1
Rather than accepting half-hearted revisions of Harper's corporate-embracing policies, the Trudeau government should refuse to sign any trade deal with sweeping privileges for foreign investors.
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update September 1
David Christopher
Internet censorship. Website block lists. An extreme new law recently passed in Quebec means all of this could soon be the reality right here at home.
Matthew Behrens August 31
At the end of July, the Supreme Court of British Columbia found that agents of the RCMP engaged in the planning of, preparation and funding for, and facilitation of a terrorist offence.
Wayne MacPhail August 31
Wayne MacPhail
It's hard to imagine two sites more different than Gawker and Craigslist, or two people more diametrically opposed than their founders. But each, in their own way, have shaped the journalism of today.
Rick Salutin August 26
Rick Salutin
Our amicable divorce from nature has led us to lose touch with its danger and power to disrupt by re-entering our space.
June Chua August 26
Giants of Africa is a sports documentary all right, but it's a very human one that you won't forget. Why? The heartbreaking faces of its basketball players will be seared into your memory.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 25
Rather than enabling more dangerous deep-water oil extraction, President Obama should be spending his remaining months in office working to reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels.
Pro Bono, Katie Douglas August 25
The treatment of athletes like Caster Semenya at the Rio Olympics shows that the rights of women who do not conform to binary understandings of sex are deemed less worthy of protection than others.
Linda McQuaig August 24
Whether you agree with the BDS movement's boycott strategy or not, it is a peaceful way to protest a serious violation of human rights.
Wayne MacPhail August 24
Wayne MacPhail
Mainstream media can't have it both ways. It can't pretend that increasingly depending on sponsored native content to boost its bottom line will have no impact on how it produces news.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 18
A report just published in the British medical journal The Lancet suggests that by the year 2085, almost all of the cities that could host the Summer Games will be too hot for outdoor events.
Jim Stanford August 18
Jim Stanford
Every five years the federal finance minister updates the "marching orders" that guide the Bank of Canada and its conduct of monetary policy. The time is right for some new thinking.
Wayne MacPhail August 17
Wayne MacPhail
What can we learn from the sad fate of the Toronto Star's Star Touch tablet fiasco and its imminent demise?
Rick Salutin August 16
Rick Salutin
For 50 years the NDP tried to get away from their socialist origins. Maybe it's time to go back to it -- not out of nostalgia, but out of sheer opportunism based on empirical evidence.
Lois Ross August 16
Lois Ross
For decades, the trend has been a continuous loss of family farmers in Canada. But now individuals and groups working for food justice are providing alternatives to the corporate model of farming.
Rick Salutin August 12
Rick Salutin
The great public debate on the theory of relativity happened 100 years ago, but it's refreshing to look back at it in view of how today's major science issue, climate change, has been treated.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 11
Donald Trump is giving new meaning to "bully pulpit," ratcheting his irrational campaign rhetoric to new and dangerous lows.
Rick Salutin August 5
Rick Salutin
In Copenhagen in 2009, when Brazil's successful bid for this year's Olympics was announced, Lula, then the country's president, leapt in the air and danced.