Strange that Rabble/Babble... (May Day)

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Jacob Richter
Strange that Rabble/Babble... (May Day)

For a forum with certain politics, I'm very surprised that May Day hasn't been discussed at all.


We discuss it every year. We took a break. Other than the anarchist march in Montréal, which drew a bit of attention here.

Happy International Workers' Day!



Every day is May Day on Babble.

Back... hmm.  Back about 25 years ago, when I was on the committee at work, my friend who was plant chairpeson asked my opinion on endorsing a "May Day" cellebration that was organized by John Clark, then president of London's unemployed worker's union.  I said we should-- we're workers, and it's a commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre.  So we sent along our endorsement, and advertised the rally at work.

Man. Did we catch shit-- from the older members of the Local, the (pre CAW) International Rep, and I think even Bob White heard about it. 

Too commie for their tastes.




Yeah, when the Winnipeg Labour Council convinced the Manitoba Fed to sponsor a Mayday march in 1976 (I believe it was) to replace the U.S.-style Labour Day in September, there were the same accusations. But it happened anyway and it was huge.



It's funny, yesterday I completely forgot the date until the evening. 


That's what I told this girl in high school. Never saw her again. Frown



[url=Police">][b]Police battle May Day protesters[/url]


Clashes have broken out in a number of countries as unions used traditional May Day marches to protest against the handling of the global economic crisis.

In the Turkish city of Istanbul, riot police fired tear gas and water cannon as protesters threw petrol bombs and attacked banks and shops.

Police made dozens of arrests in the German capital, Berlin, where protesters set fire to cars.

Greek police battled to quell rioters in Athens after banks were attacked.

There have also been marches in France and Russia, as well as the Philippines, Japan and Hong Kong, where demonstrators called on the authorities to do more to protect jobs.

Major demonstrations were also planned in Spain, Italy and Cuba.

"Workers are reiterating their demand that the government should find a way to stop mass lay-offs of workers and it should provide decent jobs, not short-lived jobs, not jobs for three months," said Leody de Guzman, of the Union of Filipino Workers.


Unionist, out of curiousity, how huge was this May Day in Winnipeg in 1976?


Ahhhhh, I wish I remembered. Several thousand for sure. A few months later , there was a massive march on the National Day of Protest against Trudeau's wage and price controls, on October 14, 1976, called by the CLC. At least 1 million workers took the day off across Canada. I wish I could remember numbers, but (to coin a phrase) those were the days!



seems like a far cry from the few hundred we had out yesterday...


Genstrike, have you read this []history of Wpg Labour Council[/url]?

Here is all I could find about the 1976 events, but it certainly gives you a flavour of the times:

In 1976 Free Press labour reporter Cecil Rosner announced he was going to participate in the Day of Protest that was organized in opposition to wage and price controls. For this he was taken off the labour beat. In a flight of fancy, the WLC responded by withdrawing its "recognition of the Winnipeg Free Press as a newspaper." The following year the Free Press was actually banned from the Council for its anti-labour practices, a move which was made over the opposition of Council executive secretary Harry Munro who claimed the "stupid" resolution amounted to "cutting off our noses to spite our faces." The ban was reversed, but damage was done. By the 1980s the only journalists attending labour council meetings were from left-wing newspapers - and they too soon found their presence was subject to debate.



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I didn't know that about Cecil. Good on him. There are no labour reporters in the pro-business papers now.

Edited to add: Thanks to unionist for the link on the history of the Winnipeg Labour Council. Many members and supporters of "Council" are keenly aware of its history and carry the red flag of unsurrender in their hearts, as do I.


BTW, May Day is all over's front page, so the title of this thread should probably just read "babble" and not "rabble/babble".


May Day Riot in Paris

"Live feeds from Paris showed chaotic scenes..."

Workers of the World, Unite!