Kinsella's NDP-Liberal merger ploy

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I think it may well become successful as there is only so much negativity one can handle. When people start to openingly laugh at Ignatieff it will be close to the end for him. It would not surprise me to see him go off to his country home in France this summer, take a walk in the forest, and call it quits. Then Bob Rae can have the headaches.


He must be getting close to quitting.


Liberals set to self-immolate



In large part, this is all about leadership, or the lack thereof. Michael Ignatieff has failed thus far in his attempt to provide it, and has been unable to unify the fractious party in any meaningful way. And the party, already hobbled by weak leadership from Stephane Dion, wasted little time before unsheathing the long knives, which are now out in force and poised to drive Ignatieff from the leader's job, before the end of the year according to some pundits.

And then what? The signs seem to point toward Bob Rae, which would be appropriate in some ways, especially with the Liberals and NDP flirting with some new sort of relationship, be it coalition or something much simpler, such as a pact of non-aggression.

But all this misses the key points. The Liberals are in opposition because they deserve to be. Since the Jean Chretien years, they have been unable to formulate sufficiently appealing policies and platforms. They have failed to convince Canadians they should govern. Their response should be to address the reasons for this reality. Instead, they continue to try every available trick to get back into power. Some recent examples include the idea of a merger with the NDP, and of forming a coalition with the NDP after the next election if the outcome is another Tory minority. Even the living ghost of Chretien has been resurrected in semi-serious talk of a political comeback.

What the Liberals are missing is that Canadians get this. They know what's going on, and with each new, often embarrassing, twist and turn, it becomes more obvious that this is a party in disarray, that can't manage its own affairs, that is so factionalized it can't pull together in one direction for its own collective benefit.


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Stockholm wrote:


The Liberal party merging with the NDP has ZERI chance of happening and yet that doesn't stop the media from writing about and nothing else for the past week. On top of that, if the Liberals and NDP do form a post-election coalition - a lot of NDP policies WILL be enacted and in any case doesn't the press have some responsibility to try to stimulate debate on POLICY by covering it when parties put out positions?

The media is in it to make a buck. Stories about a non-existent merger sell papers and have good tv ratings.

Once an election is called, the media will give a lot more coverage to the NDP's policies.  The Conservative's built in advantage with the media will be minimized during an election.

And if the the NDP ends up in a coalition government, the media will have to brush up on all of the NDP's policies.


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