Why is the Muslim Canadian Congress OPPOSING the Islamic Community center two blocks from the WTC?

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Well then why is there a problem with building a mosque there as opposed to a church or a synagogue? If we are not accusing the Muslim religion of being responsible for 9/11 - then a Muslim house of worship should be just as welcome near ground zero as anyone elses house of worship!

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jrootham wrote:

I have trouble with this.  What's different between the Muslim conservative hierarchy and the Catholic church?  Except that Rome is more controlling.  This is NOT our business.

That there is no equivalent hierachy in Sunni Islam. The Shia version of Islam has more of a Hierarchy, but still is not centralized under a single leadership with a central hierarchy.

There is no "pope". This is why we are never seeing a consistent leading name in the news. There isn't one.


You are pretty loose with the 'opinion without evidence' George.

You get a lot of slack because I'm not providing links. But like I said, I cant watch the Youtube clips. There's a few of those in the thread- show me anywhere where a member of the MCC makes even a passing criticism of the virulent Islamophobia and the effect it has on Muslims.

I've known Tarek Fatah for quite some time. I supported him. And I part company with people who call him a war mongerer, let alone 'Uncle Tom' or something like that.

[He may actually by his words be something I'd call an explicit interventionist cheerleader- but since I haven't heard or seen words of that yet, I'll reserve judgement on that one.]

Tarek used to speak against helping Islamophobia. But he's recanted that- saying that he is mistaken for when he used to crticise other Muslims for doing that in their zeal to demonize jihadists. Not just criticise and even try to isolate them- help demonize them... as if the 'West' needs any help into turning jihadism into anemy/world problem # ONE. [I think there is an upthread reference to one of these recantations of his.]

"Climate change gonna burn you? Nah, the Arabs are coming to knife you in your sleep."

I havent heard Tarek or any of them say a word about the perils of Islamaphobia for a long time. I wasnt definitive upthread- I left open that somebody may find something [more than a burried obscure passage in something Tarek Fatah wrote recently].

If I've gone to far, someone is going to tell us.

ETA: I dont see that Sean's criticism you quoted from includes me. So until he does, I'll ignore your inclusion of me into it.

George Victor

"Somebody may find something".   Thanks, Ken.  If Fatah has re-canted, perhaps we can put away the dry wood and matches?


What he recanted was his EARLIER statements that some Muslim critics of jihadists go so far that they mostly add and abett Islamaphobes. The same way lots of reform Muslims criticise him now.

Thats what he has re-canted- and repeatedly.

Sean in Ottawa

I thought I was being careful to avoid the expression of opposition to an opinion from the horrible language and tone I was objecting to. I did not include Ken in any of that criticism.

Stockholm, I cannot accept silence as agreement. I do not assume that any group that is victimized is in the position that they have to make an issue of each thing to prove something or that they have to refrain from saying to others-- pick another battle, or be accused by you of having gone over to the opposition.

I think it is disgusting to put words in their mouths as you have-- deeply offensive beyond belief actually.

To get it completely off topic to make my point let's look at it this way: if I am walking down the street and someone says to me that I am too fat and consuming too much of the world's resources because of my weight, by your logic if I don't stop and have it out with them you are saying I agree? That somehow I owe an obligation to somebody (perhaps you because you are a freedom fighter wanting to fight for me only if I fight for myself or anyone else who might be overweight?). Now if I am in a crowd and someone is about to get their head beaten in just for standing their ground and I say lets get out of here-- just to protect them, then I am denying the defense or saying that the insult is true?

Stockholm -- usually you do better with logic than this. Take a look at your statement and see if you think it really stands the test of basic logic. Otherwise we'll have to have one of those I-see-a-cat-it's-black-there-is-another-it-is-black-ergo-all-cats-are-black discussions.


I just think that this whole dispute is based on a totally fallacy - namely that Islam is to blame for 9/11. I think the cartoon got it right - why not ban YMCA's from anywhere near ground zero since all the hijackers were men!!

The people who are trying to make a stink about this don't like mosques or Muslims or "foreigners" ANYWHERE on American soil. Its convenient for them to create straw dog over a mosque a few blocks from ground zero - but ultimately - they don't want mosques of any kind in any place.

The families of the hundreds of American who died at the Pentagon don't seem to have had any issue with there being a Muslim prayer room at the Pentagon. I'd like someone to explain WHY its a problem to have a mosque within a certain radius of ground zero?? What's the problem? is that the presence of a Mosque will somehow "pollute the soil" of this "hallowed" ground?

I stand by what i said before "If we are not accusing the entire Muslim religion of being responsible for 9/11 - then a Muslim house of worship should be just as welcome near ground zero as anyone elses house of worship!" The more the merrier!


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