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Boom Boom wrote:

But there has been speculation... even in thread titles, such as "the NDP will become the Official Opposition", for one.


By one -count'em- one poster


Geez you have to be a mind reader to predict how people are going to read what you say.

I said this isnt at all a likely scenario, and it gets read as making an election outcome prediction. And I said "IF there was a surge like that" and someone else thinks I said the NDP is surging.

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I'm closing this for length, but NorthReport, you need to stop accusing Lens Solution of being a sock puppet. Unless you have evidence that she is the babbler you claim she is (and that babbler has not been banned or suspended, so it doesn't make much sense that he would be using a sock puppet), all further accusations will be construed as personal attacks. This is your final warning.



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