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Why would the Bloc deserve more seats than their percentage of votes.  If they get 40% of the votes in Quebec, what % of the seats in Quebec should they get?

I think you are saying that you wish more people would vote for them, but that is a different issue entirely. 

Also the Bloc is doing well right now when they are tops in the polls, but they if their support every slips they will be in the same situation as the Greens with lots of votes, but on the outside looking in.


Here is the national media at its most outrageous. The Sun media runs a headline that the poll they commissioned by Leger showed that people thought thought Harper won over Ignatieff 35% to 21%. Of course they don't even mention in the entire article that 29% thought Layton won!!


George Victor

Jack's best line (paraphrased): 

Why do we need all these new prisons for criminals when they are perfectly happy residing in the Senate?

Paulitical Junkie

There were quite a few good lines lobbed at Harper by Layton, Ignatieff and Duceppe, but I don't see them getting much replay in the media, who seem to be focused on the "cool and calm" Harper narrative.

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Pogo wrote:

The french debate is the prize.  All parties have to do well.

Know one in BC will watch it but carry on with how important anything east of Manitoba is to Canada.

They have rescheduled the French debate so it doesn't conflict with the Habs game but now it conflicts with the Canucks game.  I am sure there will be many TV's tuned to the French channels and not the Canucks.

I am ashamed of our Canadian democracy.  Does anyone believe that this process would be worth dying for?  Would you go out into the streets and risk injury and death to get a vote in this election?   I don't think many of us would since most can't even bother to watch and fewer and fewer vote. The really depressing part of this is we have now reached a consensus in our body politic that is alright to bomb other countries so that they can get the chance to have an election like we are having now.  

How many Libyans should we kill to bring them this great benefit.  A thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand.  The only mention of Libya was our war mongering NATO proconsul praising the murder of civilians.  Not a single other leader challenged him, it was the consensus moment of the debate.  

Wilf Day

Unionist wrote:
I hate Harper and wish for an anti-Harper alliance. But I saw him as a cool, unruffled, professional liar - able to pull it off because no one was passionate enough and evidence-based enough to bring him down.

Comments this morning that ring true to me:


 Mr. Harper ignored the others and spoke directly to the camera in a preternaturally calm demeanour.

Globe Editorial:

Mr. Harper was relaxed but lacked passion and appeared almost disengaged, speaking in a soft monotone as if into a mirror.

His voice was unnaturally calm.

Mr. Harper's steely, impassive gaze garnered the most online chatter,

Lachine Scot

I disagree with the claim that Harper appeared calm throughout the debate.  To me, while other people were talking he looked angry and powerless, like he wanted to have them removed from the room.  Being upset is not always about shouting and waving your arms around...


If you're repelled by the 'Daddy knows best' style of governing than I don't see how you can't be repelled by Harper and his debate performance last night.

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I am ashamed of our Canadian democracy.  Does anyone believe that this process would be worth dying for?


You are not aware of the effect of the media. it is not the public's fault they don't care. You are giving the individual too much credit. Read some Marx or Gramsci. People are easily manipulated. The media will tell you that people have a choice all the while telling you that the only options for PM are Harper and Iggy.

Buddy Kat

Well as far as I'm concerned Jack won...and harper came across as a bold faced lyer albeit in a pious tone that iggy pointed out...Jack should of come out and just say..you vote for this lying piece of shit you can say good bye to health care and any tax break or scheme the conservatives come up with., won't be able to compete with the financial loss your going to experience when a private health system takes you to the cleaners.....this election will decide .

The media should be totally ashamed of itself for even entertaining anything positive about the harper conservatives....which for all intents and purposes is a government that had to cheat and criminally commit fraud to get elected in the first place ..much less the contempt issue...totally shameful...If this was 5 years ago it would be rammed down your throat on a daily basis.






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I wondered how Jack did on that. The real problem for the NDP is the media. No question about it. See my comment 94. That Mia Rabson is an idiot! She  just LOVES Kevin Lamoureux. It is no wonder that we can't get decent coverage.

Very infuriating.

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