Remembering Jack Layton: our thoughts

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duncan cameron commemorates the Life of Jack Layton with a special page that includes a link to this thread.


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Evan Solomon celebrated Jack Layton as the #1 "game changer" of 2011 with a really good interview with Olivia Chow and Mike Layton tonight on P&P. Excellent.

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I don't know how he was so nice to people I could never have given the time of day, or respect.

He was a remarkable man. That, is what a true leader is. He would have been a magnficent PM, and a true uniter. I am convinced he would have healed a lot of old national wounds.

Such a loss. But what a magnificent memory!


I remember Jack at an auction fundraiser for the NDP. The master auctioneer was floating around the room with his usual smile and urging us to bid on the items. At one point he said, Come on, people! You know we will be taking your money before you leave anyway. So let's get the bidding started!


I miss Jack Yell

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The OFL will be commissioning the creation of a beautiful bronze statue of Jack Layton on a tandem bicycle with space on the front seat for visitors to sit to have their photo taken - to be erected in a park on the Toronto waterfront.


oh, I so want to get a pic of myself with Jack on this bike - what a wonderful creative idea.


Fifth anniversary.

Lest we forget.



Indeed unionist. I still remember where I was when I first heard the news.


Yeah.  Nathan Phillips Square, looking at all the chalk messages.  I was heartbroken.