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All provinces still have lieutenants governor.

And in fact Lord Elgin - goverrnor general in the 1840s. was instrumental in ending the power of the family compact. legislating equal treatment for francophone residents of Lower Canada, and making this country the first democratic colony in the world. It was also a government which, for a time, recognized the rights of some women to vote.

He stood with the elected representatives in the face of mob violence, the burning of parliament, and the stoning of his own carriage while he was riding in it by people who supported the power of the compact.


He could have easily refused and kept things the way they were;  electoral and social reform would not have happened without his active support.  At that time - unlike today - governors general had that power.


I have pointed out a few times why electing a figurehead is pointless; I don't need to do it again.



Uncle John

I am glad everyone is so happy with things they way they are these days. Still, when you have the biggest government in Canadian history, that has got to be ideologically excellent! It's so nice to get what you want, eh?

Oh and I really enjoyed being called 'delusional'. Do you have a psychiatric institution you want to put me in because I have incorrect political beliefs? Just like in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia?

God Save the Queen!



This guy tried to send the monarchy to the dark side of the moon. Wink


A Sydney man has been fined 750 Australian dollars ($800 US) for mooning the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, during a royal visit to Australia.

Barman Liam Lloyd Warriner was sentenced Tuesday in a Brisbane court on a charge of creating a public nuisance for baring his buttocks to the 85-year-old British monarch and her 90-year-old husband in October.


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Saw recently on CBC - maybe during the recent summit in Ottawa - that Canadian First Nations are going to to the UK to take their concerns about their treaty rights not being observed by the federal government here to the Queen. I seem to recall this tactic was used before, but the exact case escapes me.


UK Prince Labeled Jamaica Slave Master


"Jamaica's anti-British monarchy demonstrators have called UK's Prince Harry a 'slave master' while protesting against the visit of the Prince to the Caribbean nation..Demonstraters held placards reading 'Down With Harry the Slave Master,' Reparations for 400 Years of Slavery' and 'Your Granny Says Slavery Was Not A Crime, What Do You Think Harry?'..."

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Just turned on the TV and there's a yokel singing "God save the Queen" in Regina to Charles and Camilla. Question: is there an athiest version of that anthem? Laughing



What, did he forget to scrape the manure off his rubber boots?

And as for the atheist version, I think Samuel Smith took care of that in the American adaptation - at least until you get to the last verse.

And besides, there's also Rule Britannia, though that might not be quite the angle they are going for.

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6079_Smith_W wrote:

What, did he forget to scrape the manure off his rubber boots?

I couldn't tell, the cameras only showed him from the waist up. Kiss


Boom Boom wrote:

Just turned on the TV and there's a yokel singing "God save the Queen" in Regina to Charles and Camilla. Question: is there an athiest version of that anthem? Laughing

I believe the Sex Pistols have the definitive version.

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Gotta dig that one up! Laughing


True that. 

Anyone else hear about them re-releasing it, just so they can chart it? It was banned from the airways when it was first released. 


My understanding was that the Sex Pistols had an anniversary edition of Never Mind the Bollocks coming out later this year or early next.


I have the entire album on my iPod. I mean, what's not to love?


I have the original on cd. There are supposed to be some new tracks on the anniversary edition.







60 years of feudal vampirism F**K Off Elizabeth II!

UK Republicans Brace For Biggest Anti-Monarchy Protests


"Republicans from across Britain are preparing for a historic protest against the monarchy, organized by campaign group Republic, at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on June 3.."

Republicans Organize More anti-Monarchy Protests in UK


"A huge crowd of British republicans are expected to gather outside St Paul's Cathedral for a protest as the Queen arrives on Tuesday, June 5 for her diamond jubilee events.."


Rebecca West wrote:

Boom Boom wrote:

Just turned on the TV and there's a yokel singing "God save the Queen" in Regina to Charles and Camilla. Question: is there an athiest version of that anthem? Laughing

I believe the Sex Pistols have the definitive version.

A little later Mel's Rock Pile featured it's own (slightly derivative) tribute:



Irish Republicans Stage Protest Against the Queen's Visit


'Eriu is our Queen!'


'The Captains & the Kings'


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June 4, 2012 Hansard on Sixtieth Anniversary of the Reign of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

1. Elizabeth May of the Green Party entourage tried to justify the Monarchy by making reference to the idolatry of the President's family (First Lady, blah blah) in the USA. There was a very weak attempt to address the inherent and undemocratic heart of such an institution with the following:

Ms. Elizabeth May wrote:
It certainly is the case that the notion of being a constitutional monarchy is found with disfavour among many of my friends and colleagues, and I will include among them many in my own party. There is a sense that this is somehow an anachronism. However, I would like to stand today not just to pay tribute to Her Majesty the Queen, but to point out the many ways in which this system of government, of constitutional monarchy, makes sense for Canada.

"somehow an anachronism" ? lol. M.P. May provides a sticky and anecdotal litany that I shall save babblers the aggravation of having to read. FAIL.

2. The BQ members had nothing to say. Hear, hear!

3. Bob Rae, Liberal member of the Royal entourage, in his fulsome and lard-filled praise, contemptously refers to the "granting" of India's Independence (while getting the year wrong as 1948 and not 1947 !!) does draw proper attention to a very important aspect of the Crown in Canadian political and legal history (while again attributing "rights" as gifts from the Monarchy rather than as inherent):

Rae wrote:
Those of us who are familiar with the law of aboriginal peoples will know that of all the relationships that are cherished by the first nations people of Canada, it is the relationship with the Crown which is perhaps most important because that is a relationship of equals. It is a relationship of nations, between sovereign people and based on respect. When we look at the great historical proclamation of 1763, we realize to what extent many of the historic rights and freedoms which all Canadians have and value do not come against the opposition of the Crown, do not come by fighting against a tyrannical monarchy, but, rather, come because the monarchy has had the good and common sense to recognize those rights and lay them out in our law.

What a pity that elected Liberal and Conservative regimes have failed utterly to show that respect shown by the Crown in 1763. Maybe if FN Peoples wait another 250 years, then the blessings of full respect will finally rain down upon them like cherry blossoms in spring?

Just asking such a question shows how two-faced the Liberal leader's comments are. OK. Give him credit for raising the issue, at least. Failure to launch.

4. This leads me to the NDP. I quote entourage member Peter Stoffer ...

M.P. Peter Stoffer wrote:
Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration for his wonderful grace to our gracious queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

It is indeed an honour for me to rise on behalf of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition to give a few words in honour of this tremendous celebration of her 60 years on the throne as Queen of England, Queen of Canada and Queen of the Commonwealth.

..  she (capitals if you please! lol) has been what I would call a beacon of light and a beacon of hope for all people, not just of the Commonwealth but of the world. .... I can say her undying support for the men and women who wear the uniform has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic. Her love and her respect for the men and women of the service and those who become veterans is truly an example that we can all take to understand that democracy is not free, that freedom is not free. It is those men and women who are willing to sacrifice all for king and country and queen and country, and why they do what they do is truly tremendous.... living under Queen Elizabeth as the monarch of Canada has been truly a wondrous thing. ... she truly has done God's work on the throne of England and the throne of Canada and that of the Commonwealth. She truly has been a symbol of hope, truth, justice, charity and love.

On behalf of our leader and all New Democrats across the country and on behalf of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, we say God save our Queen and may she live a long and glorious life. God bless.

The Grace of Jason Kenny ... rather too much about how HRH has been "on the throne" (an expression reserved for the use of the flush toilet in my family. lol!), and rather nauseatingly fulsome praise makes Rae's comments seem modest in comparison.

Leaving aside the knee-jerk militarism of "freedom is not free" etc., the only merit here is that Stoffer laid it on so thick that no one, in their right mind, could take these comments seriously. Fail.

5.  I will save babbler the ignominy of reading Minister of Hate and Un-Immigration Kenny' s prayers and simply note that neither God nor an unelected monarch belongs in the public statements of a Minister of an alleged democracy. "God save the Queen" is a prayer that belong, permanently, in the past.  Epic Fail.



The Throne is a big deal!!


mark_alfred wrote:

Often in the United States it seems that the President is generally only criticized in a humourous context (IE, talk-show hosts etc), because to seriously criticize the President often is seen as disrespectful and unpatriotic.

This was true for about a month after 9/11, but outside that context, complaining about the president seems to be America's favourite pastime, possibly surpassed only by complaining about Congress.


Group of Canadian Applicants for Citizenship Refuses to Pledge Oath to England (and vid)


"They want to be Canadian citizens...but have a real issue with one of the requirements to the extent that they have taken the case to the Superior Court of Ontario. Part of the requirements to become a Canadian citizen is that you have to swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth of Britain..."


It is touching how reactionary the people on this board really are. The Monarchy is the head of the patriarchal, oligarchal state, indeed it is the crown on top of the head. In order for Canada to progress to some advanced notions of its own society, it must get rid of this head first. I remember when this argument came up during the Occupy sequence a couple of years back. When the Crown has sovereignity, the State can mow down protestors in G-20 fashion with impunity.

The British-based monarch sticks in the craw of many people in this country, especially those of French (Quebec and otherwise) and Irish descent, not to mention the scores of other nationalities who have been brutalized by the British. A sense is felt that the monarchists here want to ram their sense of colonial superiority down our throats.

Support for the monarchy in Canada is well under 50% now, and it is time to jettison it for a newer model. Whether that will happen any time soon is another matter. Getting rid of it will make a stronger and more unified state. 


Agreed. Especially for people who come from colonies/former colonies of the Monarchy. There's a lot of people who find the very concept offensive, and it's more than symbolic. The only tricky part is whether the unifying effect of eliminating the monarchy is worth the conflict and politics of re-opening the constitution.


I heard a rumour that some German philosophers were exploring the idea of a sense of nationality based on geography, rather than human attributes such as ethnicity, culture, language, etc. In Canada, we certainly do have a lot.



Time for a made-in and made-for Canada head of state. One that First Nations and Quebec have a big say in selecting. Maybe start by changing the way the current GG is selected. The institutions of GG, Senate and House of Commons all need reform - I think this needs to be done together, a gargantuan task, yes. It's crazy how the PM currently selects the GG and Senators, who theoretically should be a check on PM/executive power. Scotland will probably abandon the English monarchy before Canada does.

What if taking an oath to "Her Majesty" meant swearing allegiance to  **the land** ,  instead of a lineage across the ocean?


Uncovered Film Shows Queen Elizabeth II Rehearsing Nazi Salute as a Child (and vid)


The Windsor's home movies come back to haunt them...


Republicanism is strong here in Québec, as you know. Lots of reasons to abolish the monarchy, or rather, the Canadian state's ties to it (only people in the UK can actually abolish the institution). But this crap from the SUN is certainly not a reason. Look at who is teaching this little girl and her wee sister to give the salute! Well-known documentaries on the "Nazi King" have been screened on the CBC and elsewhere.


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Seems a bit like a prankish adult teaching a child a vulgar word they don't understand.


True, but it was a bit more than that on the part of Uncle Ed. It is absolutely ludicrous to use it against Liz.

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You'll get this.  My father grew up in Arvida, a mostly Irish settler, but completely bilingual.  He married my mother, a plain Anglo from Ontario. 

When I was about three, we went to the zoo and he taught me the French word for seal, which I went around repeating at full volume.  :)


NDPP wrote:

Uncovered Film Shows Queen Elizabeth II Rehearsing Nazi Salute as a Child (and vid)


The Windsor's home movies come back to haunt them...

Thank you Mrs. Simpson.


I wrote this here two years ago: http://rabble.ca/babble/humanities-culture/nazi-king-documentary-about-e...

And Magoo, that story is hilarious!


[url=http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jul/18/royal-family-archives-que... told: open archives on family ties to Nazi regime[/url]


The Sun’s decision to publish footage of the Queen at six or seven years old performing a Nazi salute, held in the royal archives and hitherto unavailable for public viewing, has triggered concerns that the palace has for years sought to suppress the release of damaging material confirming the links between leading royals and the Third Reich.

Unlike the National Archives, the royal archives, which are known to contain large volumes of correspondence between members of the royal family and Nazi politicians and aristocrats, are not compelled to release material on a regular basis. Now, as that relationship becomes the subject of global debate, historians and MPs have called for the archives to be opened up so that the correspondence can be put into context.

“The royal family can’t suppress their own history for ever,” said Karina Urbach of the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London. “This is censorship. Censorship is not a democratic value. They have to face their past. I’m coming from a country, Germany, where we all have to face our past.”